I spent 4 days in a mansion with 15 strange men in Las Vegas (not d*ckbait)

Two minutes after leaving Las Vegas airport
entering US for the first time in my life,
I accidentally bumped into a woman and I apologized.
She was talking on the phone, and said: oh
that’s fine.
I turned around, and behind I heard: “Omg,
i just bumped into this fine ass nigga.”
That’s when I knew.
Only two minutes after being in Las Vegas,
I just knew I belonged here.
So I traveled to Las Vegas for 4 days.
I traveled there to spend a weekend in a mansion
with 15 guys that I’ve met online.
And even though we had a gay old time together
in the house, and I mean gay in both the old
fashioned sense as well as the modern meaning,
that’s not necessary what this video is
Because besides getting gangbanged by 15 out
of shape and not super good looking Americans,
this was also the first time that I’ve actually
been to United States.
And the culture shock was pretty big.
First off of all, Americans speak pretty loud,
at least louder than most Europeans and I
felt i was getting ignored being quite soft
spoken myself, so I started to speak louder.
And honestly it’s quite fun shouting when
you’re speak..
The sodas and soft drinks are sooo sweet,
like ridiculously sweet compared to soft drinks
in Europe.
At the gun range (more on that later), they
offered us free Coca Cola, and as soon as
I tasted it I said to my friend: What is this?
It tastes like syrup.”
Which it did, it literally tasted like syrup.
Before at a diner, i ordered some root beer,
and same thing.
It tasted like syrup.
It was unlike anything i’ve ever tasted
and I’m not sure if i like it or not.
It was just weird.
My friend told me, that a lot of soda have
high fructose corn syrup in it and that’s
what that super sickly sweet flavor i was
He was also surprised when I told him that
Cola and soft drink don’t taste this weird
and sweet in Europe.
And that’s because high fructose corn syrup
is banned in the UK and most of Europe.
And I can see why.
Shit’s pure diabetes in a cup and most people
of the group i was with admitted to not drink
Show clip
Guns are fucking scary.
Show video.
See that?
See that smile on my instructor’s face?
That’s him laughing his ass off instructing
a European dude that’s not used to guns.
Every time a shot was fired by me, or someone
else I flinched like a little bitch.
Scary stuff but after I got used to it, honestly,
it was so much fun.
These videos don’t really replicate how
loud these weapons are.
Every time you fire one, you just feel the
adrenaline set your balls on fire.
We fired a handgun, a SAW, or Squad Automatic
Weapon (which is apparently an american version
of a Belgian designed gun, go Belgium?)
And off course we fired the AK47.
Guns aren’t that common in Europe.
At least not in Belgium, Portugal and Spain
where I’ve lived for a substantial amount
of time.
They exist of course but it’s not like you
can go into a gun range, you pay a fee, sign
a waiver and you can start shooting.
So seeing how that’s possible in the US
was a bit of culture shock and quite an amazing
Ever since i was a kid i always wanted visit
the grand canyon.
But since that’s in Arizona and I was in
Las Vegas, I figured Red Rock Canyon was next
best thing.
And it was just epic.
Once again the video I took doesn’t really
capture how massive it really is.
It’s glorious.
We first went to a casino to get some directions
and maps so we could see what’s to do once
we’re there.
Then we went to the check in point where you
have to pay to get in, which also functioned
as a museum for the area.
We went past the check point, and drove around
in the area… and it was just beautiful.
I think Americans are really lucky with their
outdoors and gorgeous and expansive landscape.
Don’t get wrong Europe can be beautiful
too, for the last year and a half, I’ve
dedicate my channel to how beautiful Portugal
is, which is where i currently live.
But the scale in America is just different.
American cities and landscapes are just so
much bigger and large scale.
It’s true humbling to see in person.
Coming here and seeing it makes realize why
so many Americans are so patriotic and love
their country so much.
I’d defend this beautiful land too if i
was from here.
Las Vegas.
So back at the house,I didn’t vlog anything,
because i was meeting everyone for the first
And i didn’t want to be the weirdo with
the camera in everyone’s face the entire
four days, it would just make a weird first
impression considering I’ve never really
met these people in real life.
Basically I arrived in the evening, brought
some Port wine, met everyone that I’ve been
interacting with on an online forum for several
years and immediately got drunk with them.
It took about 17 hours in total to get from
Portugal to Las Vegas, and i was pretty damn
jet-lagged for the first 36 hours.
On the last day going back to Portugal, it
took about 21 hours to get back.
It was brutal, but I would 100% do it all
over again.
I think Americans are very friendly people.
I admire their work ethic and that can do
attitude towards life, that interwoven into
their culture.
In many parts of Europe, the general stereotype
of Americans is they’re loud, rude and obnoxious,
I haven’t seen that once while I was in
Las Vegas or during my layover in Salt Lake
I thought most Americans were really outgoing,
confident and easy to talk to, compared to
a lot of Europeans who can be pretty reserved
and closed off.
I immediately got along with nearly every
I met in the house, as if we were already
life long friends despite only interacting
with each online.
Everyone was so welcoming and warm.
In short, I thought going to the states was
Maybe Las Vegas isn’t the proper representation
of what most of the United States is like
so it might be wise not make sweeping generalizations
over a whole of group, even if it’s in a
positive way.
Having said that, this might have been one
of the greatest weekends of my life and I
can’t wait to come back as soon as possible.

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