I flew to Jamaica! An introduction to Hedonism II Beach Resort

Hello this is RV Vagabond Jerry
and when I was in Indianapolis
I left my motor home at the Indianapolis
Airport parking lot which by the way
costs $9 a day a really good
deal and I flew to Montego Bay Jamaica
and then I took a bus from the Montego
Bay Airport to the Negril side of the
island to the resort of hedonism to
where I’m going to be staying for the
next week it’s a really nice beach
resort and in my next video I’ll give
you much more details about Hedonism II
but in this video I’m just going to show
you around the place a bit and if you
don’t know much about Hedonism – you will
learn a lot after this video so come
along with me and I’ll show you. So first
let me show you a map of the place on
their website all this gray these are
the buildings and this is the dining
room and the show room and this is a big
pool and there’s 3 smaller pools
in this area these pools and all of the
building area here you have to wear at
least a bathing suit when you’re walking
around in that area and you see here
this is a clothing-optional Beach and
this is the nude beach. The only
difference between the two is that at
the nude beach you are expected to be
nude as well in the nude pool and the
nude jacuzzi that is here on the
clothing-optional side you can wear or
not wear whatever you want. My room is
right about here so I’m going to walk
over here and show you the
nude pool and beach area… the one thing
about this place it’s really a problem
for me that they don’t allow cameras
anywhere on the grounds and they have
that sign there because right at the end
of this sidewalk is the nude pool and
people tend to get very camera shy when
they’re nude so I’m gonna have to be
very careful I’m out at 6:00 a.m. when
nobody’s going to be here yet so I can
get some video for you this is kind of
like a forest in fact it’s called the
nature walk which goes down into here
and people have left their legacies here
they put these boards onto the trees
like this one
some get very explicit some are
individuals and some are groups of
people and this couple put the years
they’ve been here that’s how many times
they’ve been here they also get very
colorful with the rocks they did a
really good job on this post
so here is the notorious nude hot tub
and over here they have self-service
strawberry daiquiris pina coladas
soda machine and beer and this is
available 24 hours a day you can come
and get it whenever you want it so next
to the hot tub
is the wading pool and the back in there
is a little cove where you can go or
nobody can see you sorta there’s usually
a waterfall coming down in front of
there and then here is the nude pool and I like the way they put their name on the
bottom of it here’s the swim up bar and
I really really like these platforms
where you put your drinks and umbrellas
and you can get under the bar there so
you can get some shelter from the Sun
and then up over the bar they have a lot
more of these boards that people have
made and license plates people bring
their used license plates
and some of them are very clever in what
they say
you can sit here and just read all these
things this is the other side
hahahaha I like this one
pouty lips
I notice this guy made his as H2 superhero
he put all the times he’s been here he
comes in July in November each year but
this year wonder what happened to him
some of these are really funny and they
do a really good artistic job on them
looks like Chris and Candy found
themselves a friend this is kind of
how do you like this post
nice here’s the nude beach right at the
pool a lot of chairs out and they have
this platform out here that I’ve seen
people go out there and have fun on the
platform this is where the nude beach
ends or starts they give massages on the
beach here too and look how many boats
are out here
and there are other beach resorts both
to the right and left of Hedonism
several of them just right up against
each other. You can use their Hobie cats I
think you call them for free and paddleboards
canoes and kayaks some people come here
and be wicked for a week and then go
home to their normal lives and if
hedonism isn’t enough party for you
they have party boats that you can go
out on to this is the clothing-optional
Beach which is a lot larger there’s a
clothing-optional pool there volleyball
net they have music and other
entertainment here at night at the
clothing-optional pool this is what they
call the main pool – you don’t see
many people around this pool because you have to
wear swimsuits and there is the buffet
restaurant and they’re right next to
that is on the left the show stage
here’s two of the small pools right next
to the main pool and they have a few of
these beds outdoors
you can take a nap or do whatever you
do in bed you have ping-pong tables and
they’ve got three pool tables that have
some type of the outdoor carpeting on
here and a big chess set how do
you like that you’ve got tennis courts
basketball and this is the Kama Sutra
Palace I’m not sure what goes on in
there well I’m back to the lawn right in
front of my room. This tree better
be careful hahaha
and finally this is my room
don’t really need the mirror over the
I got a nice view of the nude beach
see what I mean so even though I can’t
take videos out on the beach or at the
pool I do have a good view from my room
here I went out into the water here up
to my neck and I could still see my feet
that’s how clear the water is there’s a
lot of seaweed out there but other than
that the water is very clean nice well
folks look for my next video where I’m
going to give you a lot more details
about what Hedonism II is like good day


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