Hi, I’m Pete and last week you guys voted for Archery Attack so today, I’ve go these bow and arrows which are gonna be hitting me in the face the nuts and everywhere in between. That was so close! Remember to vote on what you want to see me do next time by clicking the button that’s popping up at the top of the screen right now. So first up I want to see how much these bows actually hurt, so I thought it’d be fun to get shot in the face. You’re actually meant to wear a paintball style mask when you play with these bows and arrows but hey, I’m a professional. Oh that hurt, ok they do hurt, I can see why people wear masks. Ok, so now it’s time for a game of roulette we have 12 arrows here and 6 of them have an egg strapped to the end of them the other 6 have nothing on them and I’m gonna be blindfolded pick one of the arrows at random which Simon is then gonna fire at me if it’s an egg I get splatted if it’s not an egg, well, I still get hit by an arrow it’ll still hurt so I lose either way but this should be a bit of fun. Messy fun. This is gonna be very cold. That wasn’t even an egg. It looks a bit like a paintball welt. I can see why you should wear these masks Why are you hitting my nipples? So now I’ve got symmetrical bruises PETE: What happened there? PETE: Did it fall off?
SIMON: It’s a bit too powerful. PETE: Too powerful?
SIMON: It broke the egg in mid air. PETE: It broke the egg in mid air!
SIMON: It looked pretty sick. Ok, because that was meant to be the 3rd and final shot and I was meant to get an egg but the arrow was too powerful so it broke the egg in mid air I’ve decided I’ll take an egg for you guys anyway. That winded me. That took the air out of my lungs. That was bad, let’s hope that looked cool in slow motion. It made me bleed how’d it make me bleed? Ok now, it’s already made me bleed but Like I said at the start of the video let’s do some archery nut shots I don;t think I’m ever gonna have kids. That was so, it squished me It’s just getting worse. Is it still there? Hi, so it turns out, after taking an arrow nut shot, it made me forget to record an outro for the video, so I guess I’ll do it now thank you for watching, if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and remember to vote on what you want to see me do next time subscribe for new videos like this every Thursday, goodbye.


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