How to Win at Blackjack : What are Card Values in Blackjack?

Hi! I’m Carlos Ramos Jr. and I’m coming to
you on behalf of Expert Village and today
we’re talking about the game of blackjack.
So far you know what’s needed in this game
and what’s necessary to play the game. Let’s
go over what the cards are worth and how to
score in this game, let’s start off by the
king, queen, the jack and the 10. These cards
regardless of the suit are all worth 10 points.
The ace is worth 11 points or 1 point and
we’ll get into that a little bit more later
on. But remember this can be counted as 1
point or 11 points, all the other face cards
a 6, a 4, a 3, those are all phase value,
for example a 3 is worth 3 points, a 4 is
worth 4 points and a 6 is worth 6 points.
So there’s the basic way to score the hand,
it’s not to difficult, it’s very basic. Again
the king, queen, the jack, the 10, all worth
10 points, the ace worth 11 or 1 point and
all the other cards are just worth their face
value, for example a 6 is worth 6, a 4 is
worth 4 and a 3 is worth 3.


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