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(upbeat pop music) – Kasiah, what is the question that they’ve been asking us lately? – Everyone’s been asking us, how long is my hair if I straighten it? (laughter) I’m just kidding. – How long is your hair
if you straighten it? – I don’t know, I haven’t had it straightened in like maybe eight months. But last time it was like, right here. So, maybe it’ll be right
here if I straighten it out! [Kasiah] Just kidding.
– [Skyy] Okay! – So, the real question is, what do we need to complete a home bar? – Okay, so this is your home bar, okay? So, you want middle of the line stuff. You don’t want the cheap
bottom shelf stuff. You don’t need to go all out and buy the most expensive stuff. But some where in the middle. You want vodka, rum,
tequila, whiskey, gin. Now, you want to budget, so you probably ain’t gone buy all these bottles at once. If you’re in America, you’re
gone buy your vodka first. If you’re in the Caribbean, you definitely can buy rum first, Mexico, you can buy the tequila first, whiskey, more international, gin right now, dude, a lot of
places, gin kinda dying off. It’s not so hot in America. Yes, there are gin drinkers out there. But for instance like here
in LA at the bar I work at, dude, I mean like a bottle of gin will last us like a couple weeks, you know! The only time we really get into that is in mixers like Long Island
Ice Teas and stuff like that. So, the typical person
here in America right now ain’t drinking gin hardcore. It’s gone be vodka, whiskey,
tequila, stuff like that. – Once you have your
basic bottle of vodka, you can start getting into all the flavors that the girls love. I like blueberry, there’s mandarin, chocolate, raspberry, there’s even like marshmallow, mango, so it’s just whatever your preference or whatever you want to get for the girls. – Okay, so we got our basic
bottle of whiskey, okay? And then now, it’s time for you to start getting into different kinds of whiskeys. You can buy a bottle of
scotch, a bottle of bourbon, Irish whiskey, and you just keep adding to the variety of whiskeys you have for like when your boys come over, you have everything lined up. But start with the basic one, and then you can start mixing it up. – So, first you just want to start off with a regular bottle of
tequila silver or blanco. You don’t want gold, we
all know what that is. So, you can check out our
other video about tequila. You can get into reposado,
then you can get into añejo, or there’s also other flavored tequilas. So, Patrón has Cafe right
here or there’s cocoa. So, there’s a lot of options. – [Skyy] But save these
ones, these flavored ones until the end ’cause you know
not a ton of people drink ’em, so, you want to put your
money into the stuff that more people that come
over are gone be drinking. Oh boy! I was raised on rum! – We be jamming! – Jamming in the name
of the love, okay so! We in America, so what you get first depends definitely on where you are. So, in America you will
start with white rum. Then get yourself a
coconut, you can get into the spiced and the dark rums. Get a gold rum and then get
into the flavored stuff, you know what I mean, the other flavors like pineapple, mango, banana, vanilla, whatever you want. In the Caribbean though,
there would be a switch! They start with gold rum, okay? And then they get into the other stuff. But it’s gold there, here
in America, it’s white. Rum time! Kasiah, what is this that we
are adding to our collection? – [Kasiah] Brandy.
– [Skyy] Exactly, homeboy. You want to high-end brandy. A cognac for those of you who
don’t know is brandy, okay? It’s just from the
Cognac region of France. And they’re the only people in the world that can refer to their
brandies as cognac. So, it makes them seem superior. But it’s still a brandy, okay. So, you want one of
these in your collection, Hennessy, Rémy Martin,
Courvoisier, you know what I mean? You have the wrong crowd over, they can drink your whole bottle! Just know that, homeboy! So, depending on certain
people that you see, you want to stash that! – These are some liqueurs that you want to have in your collection. – Exactly, like for instance, Bailey’s, you could drink this straight up, but again, a mix in a ton of stuff. Kahlúa and Bailey’s goes well together. Peach schnapps, you want
this in your collection! You got chicks coming over,
this a God send, homeboy! Then you have triple sec, another mixer, Sour Apple Pucker, you
have a melon liqueur or some people just use the word, “Midori” to refer to all melon liqueurs. But Midori a little bit
higher up the ladder. And then you have blue curaçao. With these basic ones, you could mix most of the drinks that you’ve
seen me make on this show. – These are some of the
mixers that you need. – Because no one, most
people, I should say, don’t like the taste of raw alcohol. So, you got to mix it with something usually to make it go down smoother. What do we have here? – Well, we have some juice. We have pineapple juice,
orange juice, cranberry juice. – Right, they’re the three main juices. Then you can add grapefruit
to the collection. What do we have here? – Then we have sodas, so you have Coke, diet Coke, 7UP, a little
bit of ginger ale. – Right, they the nice
base of sodas to have. Then you can start getting into root beer, you can get into ginger
beer, the diet 7UPs. But, that’s a nice base right there. What do we have here? – And then we have club soda, tonic water. – You want those too,
especially soda water. Soda water a little bit
more, club soda is popular than the tonic water, but
you want to have those in your collection, ’cause a lot
of people drink soda water. Then what we have on the end? – We have Red Bull. – Exactly okay! You need an
energy drink in your collection! Which of these you get first all depends on what you want to mix your stuff with. So, you got a lot of notes,
just a personal choice here. You know what I’m saying? – Skyy, do you hear those kids outside? – Jesus Christ, man! They’re not my kids, let me
clear this up right now, okay! Those are not my kids! They got some little orphanage
or something over there. Okay, where they bring in all these kids, these at-risk kids, okay. Right now, I feel they
should leave them at-risk just so I can have some piece and quiet when I shoot my film, okay! – Momma’s coming! (laughter) – I should go out there and
bust a couple shots at them! (laughter) Tipsy Bartender! (whoots) Loving kids, dude, we
should just take some of this alcohol out there and
make some like fruit punches. – Are you kidding me? – Hey, kids– – What about the
watermelon in your fridge? (Skyy laughs) Infused
watermelon. I’m just kidding. – Yes, “hey kids, want some watermelon? “Take a little bite of this!” Tipsy Bartender, I’m gonna
silence them kids right now! (laughter) Also check out Jessica making
a low budget, Jumbo Juice. – [Voiceover] Find us on Facebook and Twitter at TipsyBartender.


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