How to start a fling at a “hunting pocha” | Luv Pub – EP.01 (Click CC for ENG sub)

(Luv Pub) You meet a lot of different
types of people while working. Enjoy! Where’s the service? Coming! Furiously pressing the bell
is a regular occurrence. (Hwan-yoon Wang) There are minors who bring
the most ridiculous fake IDs pretending that they are adults. There are those who get angry
about ordering spicy food when they were fully aware
of its spiciness level. But the worst is… (Girl and guy) this. Oh my God! (Luv Pub) She’s coming. Let’s just eat it. May I help you? We ordered this. But we got chicken feet instead. Oh no. I’m sorry. That’s okay.
We actually like chicken feet. As if! You don’t eat that stuff! Don’t be like that. Please change it. It’ll be out right away. That’s okay. I don’t want you
to get in trouble because of us. Still… It’s okay, really. I’m not okay with it.
I want some eggs. After dealing with difficult
customers all day long, seeing someone like that
made me thankful initially… How much is it? You’re that guy! Since it was my fault,
the drink is on the house. Thank you. Here. Signature, please. (Thank you) After seeing that heart,
my crush began. Since then, I started to
make my move, blatantly. (Si-hwan Jung) -Thank you.
-Thanks. (Luv Pub) Hey, Ji-yoo. What? Si-hwan Jung is here! Really? I didn’t wash my hair today… I was in the Hongdae area.
The girl from Softie was hot. -I know there.
-Did you see her? -I think I did see her.
-You think all girls are hot. They’re all hot. This is on the house. This is on the house. This is on the house. I started to do everything
I can in my power. You’re leaving already? Yes, we were about to leave. -Can stay a bit longer?
-What? Well… Then… when do you get off? I finally was able to start
a fling with him. But it’s been a month
of just flings already. Hi! So when will you guys
become official? Even you think
it is strange, right? -I think he has others too.
-Why? Mommy! That’s too bad,
I’m not your mommy. Whatever. You scared me. What is all this? I just picked it up on the way. Thank you. But there is something
that I really want to have. Some soju! Let’s go drink some. -Right now?
-Yes. I get off pretty soon. I’m sorry, but I already
have plans for today. -I’m really sorry.
-Again? You can have this too. Are you mad? Every time I ask to drink,
he always has plans. I’m don’t want it. Why? It’s okay. Have some. What is your ideal type? You. Stop joking around. Do you like girls your age,
younger or older? I like older guys. Not only because you are older. -You like older guys?
-Yes. Me too. What the? Whatever. Then go find older girls.
Why are you with me then? Are you mad? Sorry. I told him I like older guys
and he said he likes older too. Even if it was a joke,
that’s pretty bad. But there’s a bigger problem. I decided to find someone else. What? Are you crazy? I don’t want to
like you anymore. Why? Why? You always shut me down. You’re not allowed. That’s because I like you. When I told him
that I was going to give him up, he said he likes me now. He’s a professional player! What a loser. So today, I’ll either become
his girlfriend or a stranger. He broke a glass again! I’ll take care of it. Did you ever get
special training? What are you talking about.
I’m in the elite unit. -Excuse me.
-Elite unit, my foot. -Don’t you think she’s hot?
-Who? Grey coat? She’s not hot at all. -You must be going blind.
-She is to me. Excuse me. No, I’m fine. Get us another shot glass.
What are you doing? Excuse me. Got anything to say? People make mistakes. It wasn’t on purpose. What? Stop it. He’s just drunk. Drunk? Who is drunk? How dare you say I’m drunk? I’m sorry. Let’s go. Are you okay? Let’s go to the hospital. Are girls working in bars
usually this rude? No wonder she works in bars. You jerk! Hey! What did you just say? Have you gone nuts? Why I ought to… Hey! (Luv Pub) So you are saying that
he started it? That’s right!
We did nothing wrong! I got it.
Please show me your IDs. ID please. I didn’t bring mine today. This place doesn’t check IDs? What? We do check. Please stop joking around
and show me your ID. The thing is… -Si-hwan, run!
-Sorry! -Hey!
-Stop! Yes, it’s true. -I’m sorry.
-Again? -You like older guys?
-Yes. Me too. The 21 year old Si-hwan Jung
that I had a crush on was actually not 21 but 19. He was still in high school. I’m sure they’re all 19. I’m in trouble now. Happy New Year! They’re coming. Let’s go. Do a good job today. Hey. It’s been a long time. Maybe this is not it. (I’m sorry for causing you
so much trouble.) (I’m sorry again.) Hey wait! You’re in trouble! What is it? Look. Hey… What is this? That… (Ji-yoo Yoon: how dare he lie
and say that he is older…) (If he shows up again,
I won’t let him get away.) (Subscribe)


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