How to Play Video Poker

Like any game of poker, you win at video poker
when you play your cards right.
Whether you’re new at the game or a seasoned
vet, the goal is to learn video poker strategies
to maximize your results.
What are the advantages to video poker?
For starters, there’s a low house edge – around
0.46% for the Jacks or Better version.
You can also play at your own pace – there’s
no dealer or opponents to rush you.
And, of course, a better strategy gives better
The dealer doesn’t bluff.
So, how do you play?
Video poker is based on the classic version
of poker: 5-Card Draw.
You’re dealt five cards, then you get one
chance to toss anywhere from zero to five
cards, then “draw” to replace them.
The idea?
Make the highest poker hand possible.
In general, the standard poker hand rankings
Payouts in video poker depend on which hand
you make and how much you risk.
The higher your rank and bet, the bigger your
You can find hand rankings and payouts for
your chosen version by using the paytable
at the top of the game.
Since the paytables decide what the prizes
are when you make a certain hand, they also
determine what strategy you should play to
get the best payback possible.
You can check out web-based calculators to
help you learn the best strategies, too.
So what are the fun variations?
If you want the lowest edge, Double Jackpot
is the best choice at 0.37%.
If you want the most entertainment value,
you might want a game with wild cards like
Joker Poker.
Our tip?
Hit “Bet Max” for the max payouts.
We’ll see you at the virtual poker tables!

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