How to Play Toasted or Roasted Card Game: Game for Geeks

Hi my friends, CA here with the gaming
gang again. RB. And MTK. Great! And this
week is actually a game we happened to
find when we were on our road trip and
it’s perfect.
About roasting marshmallow.
Toasted or Roasted.
So from the deck you shuffle, everybody
gets their four cards and each player
also gets these double-sided disks so
one side is firewood, light with fire starter.
And the other side is campfire, ready to toast.
So you’re gonna start
with it as firewood and the other
double-sided card you’re gonna get is
toasting stick, toast one marshmallow.
On the other side is toasting fork,
toast two marshmallows. But again
everybody stirring stick. All the cards
that aren’t used going to draw.
The toolbox is where you put extra fire
starters. And discards the cards that you
use. Alright, youngest goes first.
There are specific steps that you have to
follow. Every turn you have to pick up
from the draw pile. The first thing you
want to achieve is to light your
campfire. You can’t really roast
marshmallows until you have you campfire lit.
You have to play a fire starter card.
Not one fire starter [laugh]
in the batch. If you don’t have your fire started on your
first turn, every turn it’s not started
you have to discard one card from your deck.
If you have a fire going you can
actually start roasting marshmallows.
We have these marshmallow cards and if you
get this in your hand and your fire is
that you can lay it across the two.
Basically it’s like the stick is roasting a
marshmallow. And you don’t have to discard.
So the roasted card is, you play
it on an opponent’s marshmallow and what
it does is it burns their marshmallow.
You take the marshmallow and now it’s
roast it and both of the cards go to the discard pile.
And since my campfire’s
already lit I don’t have to discard this turn.
Since I don’t have a fire starter yet,
I’m going to rain [shhh] on RB’s campfire.
Which means it turns back to firewood.
I just got my marshmallow burned.
Light your fire. You have to protect your fire because it can
get blown out from wind. It can get
washed out from rain.
If you have a marshmallow on your toasting stick or
toasting fork and then on your next turn
you play a toasted on it, you keep the
toasted and you put the marshmallow into
the discard pile. Now you have one of
your three toasted.
And it flips your toasting stick over to your
toasting fork. So now the toasting fork
allows you to toast two marshmallows at
a time instead of just the one.
I have not had a lot of luck finding a fire
starter so one was left in the toolbox
and I’m gonna pick it up to light my
fire. But because I picked it from the
tool box versus from the draw pile in my hand,
I actually can’t play it till my
next turn but I still have to discard.
Strong wind! Strong wind blows my fire. So the strong wind
you have to play it instantly on a fire starter.
And what it does? It blows out
the fire starter so their firewood
cannot be turned into a campfire.
The person who toasts 3 marshmallows is the person to win.
Now it sounds really simple and it
sounds like it would be fast. As they get
closer toasting all three marshmallows, you want
to roast their marshmallow, basically burn them to a crisp.
You want to blow out the campfire.
You want to rain on their campfire
to stop them from getting the
three toasted. So there’s a little bit of a strategy involved
with the gameplay that way.
There isn’t really a lot of skill.
It is all to chance based on the card that
you get played,
based on the cards that other people get
played. A really fun game if you play
with three or four people it’s a lot
more interesting, the game lasts longer.
It’s a lot more fun because more people
are trying to like put out each other’s thing.
And you can team up on the other person.
I guess that would be part of your strategy play.
I like the concept.
It works really well. A really simple set-up.
The game itself is from Education Outdoor
out of the US. Not a game company we’re familiar with.
But I think we’ve seen some of their other games and they’re
all sort of outdoor themed. This was kind of appealing
with the whole roasting marshmallows.
As always we’re here on Friday’s
talking about family fun games with a little
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And until next time, three to beam out [whooooo]

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