How to Play Poker Dice : What is Poker Dice?

You know I’m kind of known or I like to think
that I’m kind of known as a poker pro. Certainly I have won money at poker and had the benefit
of playing on TV and on the Internet. With that said, I’d like it to be known that poker
is not my only thing. I’m into all games. I love games and if you love games I would
encourage you to watch all of my videos on Expert Village that I’ve been fortunate enough
to be part of because there are various types of games that I demonstrate and I like to
break new ground today and talk about a game called Poker Dice. The thing I want to get
across is there are more dice games out there then say Yahtzee and Craps. Those are probably
the two dice games everybody knows. There’s also Poker Dice. Now what are Poker Dice?
Poker Dice are dice that have been specifically designed for playing the game of Poker Dice
and you see they have some of the hand or card values on them. Like this is an ace and
this is a king. So what we are going to do is play some Poker Dice . Learn about the
game, learn about the hands you can make and those you can’t and what the rules of the
game are. So, let’s have so fun.


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