How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : What is Pokemon?

Hello, let’s talk a little bit about what
Pokemon is. Pokemon was created around nineteen
ninety-five by a gentleman by the name Satogi
Seteri. He had a love of collecting insects
and so he wanted to create a game that was
about collecting and he came up with Pokemon.
Pokemon is the second longest running card
game next to magic, and it’s played all over
the world by kids in video game format, in
the trading card game format, there’s anime,
there’s manga, which are Japanese comics,
there’s plush toys, you name it, there’s a
Pokemon for it. Pokemon started as a video
game, and now they are very many incarnations
of it including the most recent Pokemon Diamond
and Pearl. There’s Pokemon T-shirts and modeled
by my friend, Mack here. There are Pokemon
toys in every incarnation, from toys to plushes
and backpacks. Pikachu is so snuggly. There’s
everything from anime, or Japanese cartoons,
and there’s the Japanese manga which are Japanese
comics, usually seen black and white, and
for the most part you actually read them backwards
from regular American comics, but this one
has been reprinted in our reading way. There
are younger versions of the Pokemon comics,
there are Pokemon magazines, which can tell
you everything from strategies, tips and tricks
to playing both the video games and the card
game, as well as complete card listings on
the inside with prices if you want to find
out how much your cards are worth. You can
get Pokemon stickers and this special Pokemon
album to put them inside, or Pokemon game
books usually made for younger children, where
you can look and find different Pokemon inside.
And Pokedexes will hopefully help you with
your game both in the trading card game and
the video games. My favorite is the Pokedex.
There are over six hundred different kinds
of Pokemon now, with the Diamond and Pearl
expansion. And this is going to give you information
on pretty much all of them. There’s also electronic
Pokedexes as well. Brand new to the Pokemon
universe, is the Pokemon spinning figure game.
As you can see, Pokemon is a phenomenon that
has taken the world by storm.


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