How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Setting up a Pokemon Card Game Match

Let’s talk about setting up to play. The first
thing you are going to want to do is take
your deck and give it a good shuffle. I like
to shuffle like this. You can also just sort
of shuffle like this and something that is
always very polite to do is I usually ask
the other player would you like to cut my
deck for me? Okay. Go for it. So what the
other player does is just take the deck and
cut it in half and then I put that half on
top of the other half of the deck. Basically
it is just a signal to the other player that
you are not cheating or you haven’t stacked
your deck. Now that we have got them shuffled
and I am holding them in my hands the first
thing you want to do is lay out the prize
cards. You need six prize cards beside you
so you take them right from the top of the
deck and put them face down just in a pile
like that. You can put them any way you like,
you can put them in any way, you can put them
on top of each other or fanned out as Max
got done over there but I prefer to put them
out like that so I can see who they are, then
you are going to deal yourself cards. Do you
remember how many cards it is to start? Seven.
Seven, awesome. So you are going to deal yourself
seven cards, one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven. You put your deck over beside
you here because you are going to draw from
it later.


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