How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Pokemon Leagues & Tournaments

What I’d like to talk about now is a little
bit about something that Pokemon offers as
a company. Offers something for the Pokemon
Trading Card Game called Leagues and Tournaments.
The best way to find a league or tournament
in your area is to check on
They’ll usually have a listing of places that
are offering. Most likely, it’s your local
comic book or hobby retailer store. Tournaments
are when you play one on one against somebody.
And, if you win you move on. If you lose,
you don’t get anything. It’s basically like
any tournament for anything else out there.
Leagues are a bit different. With leagues,
what happens is you come in you get a little
sheet and on the sheet there’s different Poke
Balls. Every time you play, win or lose you
get a point. If you win, you just get an extra
point. When you get to a certain amount of
points, you get one of these little packs.
When you completely get all the points for
that league, you get a badge. The leagues
go in seasons. So, each season represents
a different city in Pokemon. Right now, they’re
in Diamond and Pearl. I believe we’re in the
Sinnoh region. When you go in and you want
to join a league or a tournament, ask your
local comic book or hobby shop retailer if
they are affiliated with Pokemon. They have
to register. You’ll get one of these little
cards. On the card, it’s going to give you
an ID number. And, this basically registers
you with Pokemon after you go online and sign
up. Every time you play, your points are put
into the computer and sent to Pokemon and
you get a standing. This gives you good standing
if you want to go into any of the international
tournaments. Hey Matt, would you want to go
to Hawaii? Oh yeah. Sweet. Pokemon will do
that for you. If you win one of the international
tournaments, you become the Canadian Champion.
Pokemon flies you and your entire family to
wherever they’re holding the tournament. Last
year was Hawaii, which is pretty darn cool.
Pokemon is very involved with children. It
really recognizes that education is important.
And, another thing they offer is they offer
scholarships to different kids around the


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