How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Energy Cards in Pokemon TCG

So one of the things you can do on your turn
is laying down energy. It’s a good idea to
lay down the kind of energy that you’re going
to want to use right away for your attack
and to put it on your active Pokemon, if you
can. I’m going to put a water energy on my
Wailmer because he takes both water and colorless.
With colorless energy you can use any kind
of energy to power that or you can use the
colorless energy. Right now, I have two energy
cards on my Wailmer and he can do his first
attack, but we’ll talk about that in a few
minutes. So one of the ways you can also put
energy down is on your bench Pokemon. The
reason that you might want to do that is maybe
you have a really awesome guy on your bench,
but you’re not going to use him right away.
You’re going to use this Pokemon guy to sort
of drown out the enemy a little bit. You might
want to put one energy on one of your bench
Pokemon and build him up so that when he eventually
comes out to bat he’s going to be raring to
go. You can see here that this guy takes two
colorless energy his first attack. I’ve got
one electric and one water. The electric counts
as a colorless. I’m going to need to put one
more energy on for his big attack, the whirl
pool down there that does thirty damage. That
takes two water and one colorless so it’s
going to have to be another water so hopefully
I’ll either draw it or I’m going to get it
from my next turn. If not I’m only going to
be able to use the first attack.


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