How to Play Pokemon Trading Card Game : Attacking in the Pokemon Card Game

So I am ready to attack with my involved Stage
1 Wailord here and I have got enough energies
on him to use his rely on friends. It is very
important to read the bottoms of the attacks
and not just look at the number that they
do of damage. For example this attack does
40 damage plus 40 more damage for each stage
1 involved Pokemon I have on my bench. I currently
don’t have any so it is only going to do 40
damage but if my Lapras had been involved
I would have done 80 damage with this attack.
When you attack there are many different things
that this could do. Most of your attacks are
going to do damage anywhere between 10 to
maybe even 100 damage depending on the attack.
The attack could also do special things depending
on special conditions that your Pokemon has
met or that you have met yourself having certain
amount of cards or a certain amount of Pokemon
on your bench. Some attacks will also give
you bonuses like you will get to draw a card
or also other cards will put special conditions
on the other Pokemon such as asleep, burned,
or poisoned. That’s something we will take
a look at a little bit later. Some attacks
have you flip a coin. Usually if it is heads
the attack works, usually if it is tales the
attack doesn’t. It all depends on what the
card says. You need to get pretty good at
flipping coins and playing Pokemon.


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