How to Play Othello or Reversi

How to Play Othello or Reversi. Othello, also known as Reversi, is played
with two players, each representing a color on the board. The rules are simple, but strategy is what
will help you win. You will need An Othello board and 64 reversible
discs. Step 1. Place two black and two white discs in the
board’s four center squares, with corresponding colors diagonal to each other. Step 2. Choose a color for each player. Black goes first. Step 3. Place a black disc in a square adjacent to
a white disc so that a black disc is on either side of a white disc. When a white disc is surrounded, the black
player flips the white disc to the black side. Step 4. Move on to the next player. The white player places a disc in a square
adjacent to a black disc so that there are white discs on either side of black ones. Flip the black discs to the white side. A player can flip any number of opposing discs
so long as they have one of their discs on either side of consecutive opposing discs. Step 5. Take turns playing the game until all of the
discs are on the board. If you cannot place a disc on the board so
that your color is on either side of another player, you lose your turn. The corners are the most powerful spaces on
the board. Try to get one of your own colored discs in
each of the corners. Step 6. Continue playing until every space on the
board is occupied or no one can make another move. The player who has the most discs on the board
wins. Did you know Othello was created in 1971 by
a Japanese salesman named Goro Hasegawa.


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