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I’m the Rules Girl, and this is One Night
Ultimate Werewolf, a 10-minute social deduction
game for 3-10 players.
In One Night, players are villagers, trying
to identify and slay the werewolves that lurk
amongst them.
The goal of the game is to win!
If you’re a villager, you and your teammates
win by successfully slaying a werewolf.
If you’re a werewolf, you win by evading
A game of One Night takes place over two phases:
night and day.
At the beginning of the night, players receive
a secret role, then close their eyes.
A script is read by one player or the official
companion app, instructing players of certain
roles to open their eyes and secretly perform
special abilities such as looking at cards
or moving them around.
During the day, players discuss what happened
during the night, with the village-aligned
players trying to discover who has a Werewolf
card in front of them.
Players discuss who they think the Werewolf
is, and after five minutes, vote on who to
On the count of three, everyone points to
the person they’d like to kill.
The player, or players, with the most votes
are killed, flipping over their card.
If any werewolves were killed, the villagers
If the Tanner was killed, he wins.
If neither were killed, the werewolves win.
Be sure to flip over your own role card to
find out if you won, your role might have
been swapped during the night by another player!
If every player has one vote, no one is killed.
If anyone is a werewolf, the werewolves win,
but otherwise, the villagers win!
If there was no werewolf and the villagers
killed someone anyway, the villagers lose.
And that’s the game!
Ready to play?
Choose 3 more cards than there are players,
consulting the rulebook if you’d like a
suggested composition.
For your first game, play with this composition,
adding more villagers if necessary.
Deal one card face down to each player, leaving
the three unchosen cards in the center row.
Now look at your role.
This is the only role you’ll wake up to
during the night, if applicable.
Close your eyes and listen to the narrator.
First the werewolves wake up and look for
other werewolves.
If you’re the only werewolf, you may peek
at a card in the center row.
After werewolves close their eyes, the seer
wakes up and looks at one other player’s
card, or 2 from the center.
Next, the robber wakes up, swapping his card
with another player’s card, then viewing
his new card.
After that, the troublemaker wakes up, picking
two other players’ cards and swapping them,
without looking at either.
Villagers do not have a night action, and
keep their eyes closed all night.
It’s now day.
Everyone has five minutes to discuss what
You now know everything you need for your
first game, but if you’d like an overview
of the other roles, keep watching:
The doppelgänger wakes up first.
She looks at another player’s card, copying
that role.
If your new role has a night action, do that
action now.
The doppelgänger closes their eyes unless
they’re the Doppel-Minion.
If the minion’s in play, werewolves stick
their thumbs out for a possible Doppel-Minion
to see.
If the Insomniac’s in play, the Doppel-Insomniac
will wake up again to look at her card at
the end of the night.
When the minion wakes up, the werewolves stick
out their thumbs so that the minion can see
who they are.
The minion is on the werewolf team, but isn’t
considered a werewolf.
Masons wake up and look for other masons.
When the drunk wakes up, he swaps his card
for a card in the center without looking at
his new card.
He has no idea what team he’s on!
The insomniac wakes up and views her own card.
She’s the only player that knows for sure
what team she’s on during the day.
The tanner doesn’t wake up during the night.
He wins if he’s killed.
The hunter also doesn’t wake up.
If he’s killed, he also kills the player
he’s pointing at.
If you liked One Night Ultimate Werewolf,
you’d enjoy it’s expansions and spinoffs,
adding new roles and enemies such as vampires
and aliens into the mix.
You might also enjoy other social deduction
games like The Resistance or Secret Hitler.
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