How to Play Love Letter in 3 Minutes – The Rules Girl

I’m the Rules Girl, and this is Love Letter,
a game of risk, deduction, and courtship for
2-4 players.
In Love Letter, you play the role of a suitor
trying to get your love letter into the hands
of the princess, while burning those of your
The goal of the game is win, and you win by
collecting enough tokens of affection!
There are 16 cards in the deck, representing
the Princess and those close to her, each
with special abilities that can help you survive
and eliminate other players.
On your turn, all you have to do is play a
When your turn begins, you’ll already have
one card in your hand, and will draw another.
Choose one of these cards to play, activating
its special ability.
For example, playing the Guard lets you target
another player and announce the name of any
other card.
If that player has that card, that player’s
Eliminated players put their hand face-up
in front of them, and are out until the next
When your turn’s over, the player to your
left takes her turn, and so on, until only
one player remains.
That player earns a token of affection.
If the deck is empty at the end of a player’s
turn, all remaining players show the one card
remaining in their hand.
The player with the highest number earns the
If there’s a tie, each tied player adds
up the numbers on their played and discarded
cards, with the higher sum breaking the tie.
The winner of the last round starts the next
Keep playing new rounds until one player has
earned enough tokens to win the game, and
the heart of the princess.
We already went over the guard, but here’s
the rest of the cards.
The Priest lets you privately peek at another
player’s card.
The Baron lets you choose another player to
secretly compare cards with.
If one player has a lower value card, she’s
The Handmaid provides immunity from other
players’ actions until your next turn.
The Prince lets you target another player.
That player discards their card and draws
a new one.
The King lets you trade hands with another
The Countess does nothing, but you must play
her if you also have the King or Prince in
your hand.
And finally, if you play or discard the princess,
you’re instantly eliminated, so watch out
for the Prince!
Ready to play?
Shuffle the cards together, and set aside
the top card without looking at it.
In a 2-player game, take three more cards
and set them aside face-up.
Now deal one card to each player.
The player that’s most been recently been
on a date goes first.
If you like Love Letter, you should try Coup,
a similar game with a greater emphasis on
bluffing and deception.
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