How to Play LOL Surprise Card Game [Ruckus]

hey guys
it is Singing Jaya here and today we were
playing a card game of lol and first it
comes with a surprise although out
accessory so let’s get turnt opening
okay so let’s see what it is it’s a it’s
an iPad guys it’s like calling somewhere
else look so I am getting ready to play
my game and I will catch up with you
guys when we hear the results of who won
here then so it’s only allowed two
players so it was gonna be me and my
granny first and then me and my mom and
then you ever wins
you don’t know mommy put your matches I
don’t have nothing on so fortunately
Jennifer okay
you gotta move your cards ever closer to
me because I can’t grab it already done
oh yeah oh okay then you’re good
remember I stole from you yes I do okay
but yeah you need to put your matches
down cheater
I didn’t just OD good on here’s my turn
yeah no way no gotta try advance this
first right no granny put it on top of
this then right all right I can’t do it
says deal everybody know the card but
we’ll play it this way all right yeah
come on Wow just do the deal the car
every bag are because we’re gonna run
out of matches okay this is hard let me
see here girl there she’s got women did
mommy go yes what am I supposed to not
flip it over for you okay
we put them up here to the model for I
don’t know if you have to wait to turn
to grab or not I don’t think you have to
wait all right
have to do it didn’t turn a bruise on my
turn all right
it has no none left wind right do it
that way I think you push the count but
we’re not gonna do that
no she’s gonna still over me
oh wait it did you draw a card before
you did that yeah we not supposed to
drawn up but I can draw a card
cuz I’m getting confused she’s having
cards mommy I don’t I have to draw one
no you just did okay that’s my turn okay
mommy it’s your turn come on drunkard
mommy you have to show everyone
I won I’m down course thanks guys Sammy
cards you have here it takes it well
that’s when we count the cards no you
didn’t even roll keep taking call yes
yeah he was a j-1 she’s got more pairs
than anybody know what’s okay y’all keep
that’s when the game ends
alright we’re gonna so guys I hope you
enjoyed this video it was the quickest
video of my life but yeah so I hope you
guys enjoyed this video make sure to
comment like and subscribe and tell your
friends about my channel bye guys


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