How to Play Jaws

– We’re launching barrels
and eating people!
That’s right, it’s Jaws from Ravensburger!
(upbeat music)
This one versus all
strategic slaughterfest
fits Brody, Quint, and Hooper
against the razor sharp
jaws of a shark that’ll swallow ya whole!
Set up against the game
board placed center
with the Amity Island side face up.
Shuffle the Amity event
cards and set them face down
as a deck nearby along
with the 16 swimmer tokens.
One player takes the role of the shark
and receives a character board,
tracking clip placed on the zero space,
shark mover, four power tokens,
each with a different ability on one side
and the shark tracker pad.
They’ll also need a pen or
pencil to record their movement.
The other one to three players in the game
take their respective character boards
for Brody, Quint and Hooper
along with their color coded movers.
Quint and Hooper each receive a boat
and each player takes
their starting tokens.
Two barrels for Quint, a beach closed sign
and binoculars token for Brody
and a fish finder for Hooper.
Place the crew movers
on their starting spaces
but don’t place the shark mover yet
because it’s movement is hidden!
The shark now chooses
their starting location
by secretly writing a location number
or letter on the starting row
of their shark tracker pad.
The location spaces on
the map are separated
by a white line and coded with a number,
or in the case of the beaches, a letter.
The shark notes their starting place
but doesn’t tell the crew
where they are located.
Gameplay is split into two acts.
During act one, the
shark will attempt to eat
as many swimmers as possible
on the beaches of Amity Island.
The crew will attempt to
attach two tracking barrels
to the shark while also rescuing
swimmers from a gruesome fate.
Act two takes place on
Quint’s boat, The Orca.
More on that in a bit.
Act one gameplay occurs in rounds.
Each divided into three phases.
Event phase, shark phase, crew phase.
During the event phase,
turn over the top card
of the Amity event deck and
place standard swimmer tokens
on the locations listed
in the middle of the card.
Read the event text aloud and
follow any instructions given.
Next, in the shark phase,
the shark player takes up to three actions
and may optionally play
one of their power tokens.
Shark actions are simple.
Move allows the shark to move through
the water spaces one adjacent space.
The shark cannot move diagonally,
nor over land because they’re a shark.
Eat allows the shark to eat
one swimmer token on its space.
That’s it!
The shark takes these
actions up to three times
and records it on their tracker pad
noting the new location for the turn
and the number of swimmers
eaten on each beach.
If the shark chooses to use
one of its power tokens,
they place it face down
on the table at this time,
which gives them a special
ability for the round,
such as eating multiple
swimmers with one action
or bonus movement speed.
After they’ve recorded their movement,
the shark must share three
pieces of information
with the crew in any order.
How many swimmers were eaten and where.
Remove those swimmers from
the board back to the supply,
move the clip on the swimmer
track that number of spaces.
If they played a power
token, they notify the crew
but do not reveal which one they used.
Each token may be played once per game.
If they’ve tripped any motion sensors.
Throughout act one,
barrels in the water
act as motion sensors.
Should the shark move
through or into a space
with such a token, the
shark triggers the sensor
and must tell the crew which location
or locations were triggered however,
they do not have to say in what order
or if it was before or after
a swimmer was devoured.
Next up in the crew
phase, each crew member
takes a complete turn consisting
of up to four actions.
A player must take their full turn
before another player can take an action.
Each crew member has
slightly different actions.
Quint can move one adjacent water space,
rescue one swimmer from his space
returning it to the supply,
pick up barrels from either the water,
a dock or Hooper’s boat
provided he is in that space
and launch a barrel
either into his own space
or an adjacent water space
placing a barrel token there.
If the shark is in that
space, they have been hit
and must announce it to the
crew, taking the barrel token
and placing it on their character board.
If the shark is not in that space,
the barrel floats in the water
acting as a motion sensor.
Brody can move across
land to an adjacent space
but not through water, rescue
one swimmer from his space
returning it to the
supply, pick up one barrel
from the shop space
adding it to his board.
Unlike the other crew,
he can only carry one barrel at a time,
drop one barrel on a dock space,
use binoculars at one
of the four beach spaces
placing the token on that space.
The shark must announce if they
are in the water at that beach.
If so,
place the shark mover
there and close a beach
from the Mayor’s office
or the Amity PD spaces,
provided the targeted beach
has no swimmers present.
Place the token on that
beach and if an event card
places a swimmer there,
turn the token over
to the opening soon side.
The next time a swimmer would be placed,
remove the token from the
board and back to Brody.
Hooper can move up to two
water spaces with one action,
’cause he’s got a quicker boat,
rescue one swimmer from his space,
returning it to the
supply, pick up barrels
from either the water or the docks,
give barrels to Quint if
in the same space as him,
and use the fish finder by placing it
in the water on his current space.
The shark must announce where they are
in relation to this space.
If the shark is there, they must say so
and move the shark mover to that space.
If the shark is in an adjacent space,
they must say nearby.
If the shark is more than one space away,
they must tell the crew
they aren’t nearby.
Act one continues through rounds
with the shark eating swimmers
and the crew trying to track it down.
The act ends when one of
two conditions are met.
Either the crew manages to tag two barrels
onto the shark’s character card
or the shark devours a
total of nine swimmers.
When either of these things
occur, act two begins.
Set up for act two starts with
a flip of the board to The Orca side.
(pieces fall)
Build The Orca, Quint’s boat
by placing the boat tiles
on each of the eight zones
with their undamaged side
face up, that’s the side with two numbers.
Shuffle the shark ability cards,
resurface cards and crew gear separately.
Flip the character cards
to their act two sides
and place clips on the zero
space of the wounds track.
When a clip reaches the X space,
the character is removed from the game.
The crew members take their
character specific gear cards
and one targeting token each.
The shark takes three
large resurface tokens
and the shark mover.
Based on the swimmer
kill count from act one,
deal the corresponding
number of shark ability cards
face down to the shark who
keeps them hidden from the crew.
Deal the corresponding
number of crew gear cards
to the crew as a group,
who then immediately
distribute them amongst
the three characters.
All crew place their gear
face up in front of them.
Each crew member now places their mover
on a boat space of their choosing.
Place the three small dice
and three small resurface tokens nearby.
Gameplay for act two occurs in rounds
divided into six steps.
The shark begins each round in the water,
then resurfaces to one of the
eight zones around The Orca.
The crew attempts to
predict the shark’s movement
and attack it while the shark must either
eliminate all three crew
members or sink The Orca.
The crew wins if they
can eliminate the shark.
Step one, resurface options.
Reveal the top three
resurface cards from the deck
onto the lettered spaces
at the bottom of the board.
The locations listed are the spaces
the shark can resurface this round.
Place the corresponding
small resurface tokens
in the water spaces on the tiles.
Step two, shark chooses.
The shark secretly selects
and places face down
one of the large resurface tokens
corresponding to the
space they had chosen.
Optionally, the shark may
place one shark ability card
face down underneath
their resurface token.
Each shark ability card
enhances the shark’s turn,
after which it’s removed from the game.
Step three, crew prepares.
The crew now discusses their options
and each character takes three steps.
Move up to two spaces, either
on the boat or into the water.
Moving from the water back into the boat
takes the full movement.
Choose a weapon, either melee or firearm.
Some weapons are also attachable
which can hinder the
shark for multiple rounds.
Each crew member places their
chosen weapon above their board.
Place target tokens on the water space
where they think the shark will resurface.
If they’re using a melee weapon,
they can only target their current space
or one adjacent space.
If they are using a firearm,
they may target any space.
The players also have some crew gear cards
that they can use to assist
including cards like chum,
which narrows the resurface options
or a shark cage which
protects a crew member
from attacks in the water.
Step four, shark reveals.
The shark flips their
chosen resurface token
and discards the two resurface
cards not used this round.
Place the shark mover in that space
and if the shark used an ability card,
it’s revealed at this time.
Step five, crew attacks.
Each crew member who
targeted the correct zone
may now attack the shark
based on the weapon
they chose for the round,
roll the dice listed
and count up the hit icons including any
bonus hit icons from the weapon.
If the total is equal to or less than
the shark’s evade value on
the current resurface card,
the attack misses but if it’s higher,
the attack hits and gives a
number of wounds to the shark
equal to the excess hits
beyond the evade number.
Step six, shark attacks.
The shark may now choose
to either attack the boat
or attack a crew member in the water.
When attacking the boat, they
roll dice equal to the number
on the resurface card adding up the hits.
If they exceed the smaller
number on the tile,
the boat is damaged flipping
the token to its damaged side.
If the large number is exceeded,
the section is destroyed,
removing it from the game
and moving all crew members
on that space into the water.
When attacking a crew
member, either adjacent
or in the same water space,
the shark rolls the dice
and inflicts wounds onto one crew member.
Before submerging again,
the shark also gets
one bonus attack to each
character in the water
in their space or adjacent water spaces.
One at a time, roll one die per character
inflicting wounds equal to the hits.
After the shark attacks,
remove the shark mover,
return the target tokens
and discard the resurface
card to begin a new round.
Act two continues with the crew
and the shark trading blows
until either one side is
eliminated of The Orca sinks.
And that’s Jaws!
I’m Becca Scott
and I’m gonna need a bigger boat.
Or just a boat, I want a boat!
You can watch me and my
friends play this game
and other awesome games on Game The Game
right here on Geek and Sundry!
We’ll see ya there!
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