How to Play Jacks or Better –

Hey everyone! Welcome to our video tutorial. In this
tutorial, we’re going to teach you how to play Jacks or Better. Jacks or Better is the simplest video
poker variant available. The name of the game comes from the fact
that players can form a winning card combination with just a pair of cards that are either
Jacks or higher, such as Kings, Queens and Aces. Other video poker variants do not include
such simple winning card combinations, and as such they offer
somewhat worse winning odds. But let’s play a little to show you all
of these. To launch a new game we first have to choose a line bet.
Let’s just bet one for now. Now the game gave us five cards. Like in
any other video poker variant, our task will be to keep or discard certain cards,
hoping to form a winning card combination after the discarded cards
have been replaced. In video poker, the casino usually helps the
player by automatically holding those cards that will generate a winning hand. In this case
the casino automatically held the two Jacks. Let’s move on by discarding all the
cards that we didn’t put on hold. And as you can see, we managed to win
$5 because the two Jacks formed a winning combination. Would this
have been in a different video poker variant, we wouldn’t have won anything, since
in other video poker games a pair of two Jacks never form a winning combination.
And this is how you play Jacks or Better online. Don’t forget to check out our
additional video poker guides for more tips and information. Thanks for watching!

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