How to Play Crazy Eights

How to Play Crazy Eights. All you need is
a deck of cards and a friend to play the fun game of Crazy Eights. You will need A deck
of cards Two players Additional players (optional) and a second deck of cards (optional). Step
1. Deal the cards. For two players, deal seven cards each from a standard deck. If you use
more than two players, use two decks and deal five cards instead of seven. Step 2. Place
the remaining cards face down to form the stockpile. Turn the top card – known as
the upcard – face up to start a discard pile. If the upcard is an eight, mix it back
into the stockpile and turn up the next card. Step 3. Start with the player to the dealer’s
left and match either the rank or suit of the upcard with one of your cards. Place it
on top of the discard pile. Step 4. Play an eight at any time if you don’t have the correct
rank or suit. The person who plays the eight chooses a new suit for the next player to
follow. Make the game Crazy Jacks by making jacks – or any other card – wild. Step
5. Draw from the stockpile if you cannot match the upcard. Keep drawing until you have a
card you can play or the stockpile runs out. Step 6. Pass play to the next person. Play
ends when the last card from someone’s hand is played or when no one can match the upcard.
Step 7. Score 50 points for eights, 10 points for face cards, and other cards at face value.
The person with the lowest score is the winner. Did you know Did you know?The French were
the first to use the four standard suits for playing cards that we use today – diamonds,
hearts, spades, and clubs.


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