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Hey everyone! Welcome to our video tutorial.
In this tutorial we’re going to give you a short
introduction on branded online slot games. Branded online slot games are slot games
that are based on popular themes such as mainstream movies for example. For this tutorial we chose to play on
the slot game that is based on the Marvel Comics franchise and movie The Incredible Hulk. As you can see on
the screen, the game’s visual appearance resembles the theme of the movie. Let’s launch a new round to show you how
these games work. Initially, let’s play with a line
bet of five cents. And we won $7. But let’s
decrease our line bet to just $0.01 to be able to play more rounds
than usual in case we won’t win. And we won $8.20. Let’s play again. And this time we won $2.90. During gameplay you might have noticed
the special animations that were displayed when we won something. These animations were designed to
reflect the theme of the game. In this case the movie The Incredible
Hulk. And this is what branded slots look like. Basically branded slots are normal slot
games that have a specific theme that most commonly is a popular comic book or
movie. Gameplay wise branded slot games work
the same as any other games of this kind. Other popular branded slot games on the
web include games that are based on the movies Iron Man 2, Thor, Gladiator
The Lord of the Rings and more. And that’s all for this video.
If you want to learn more about slots then visit us on Thanks for watching!

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