How To Play Blackjack – How Insurance Works

Welcome to the Droid Slot’s beginner’s guide
to Blackjack. In this installment, we’re
looking at Insurance.
Insurance is when you make a bet at the start
of the hand, that the dealer will get a blackjack.
This is offered whenever the dealer has an
ace as their upcard. You’re effectively betting
that the dealer’s downcard is a 10. Insurance
is usually considered to be a bad bet. Many
people believe insurance protects them from
losing their initial bet, but this is a common
misunderstanding of the mechanic.
The best way to understand insurance is to
think of it as an additional wager on whether
the dealer will get a blackjack and you can
start to see why it’s a bad idea. The chances
of the dealer gaining a natural blackjack
is 9:4. This means that for every 4 times
you bet it correctly, 9 other instances will
be a dud.
Because it’s an extra wager, your success
with your insurance isn’t dependant on your
success with the regular hand. If you bet
the dealer has a blackjack and match the dealer’s
blackjack, it can be a great profit if you
match both the hand and his insurance.
If you lose both, then you’ve thrown more
money away for the sake of a guess.
Of course an insurance is always a nice extra
wager if you have the funds, but statistically
it’s likely to fail. It doesn’t lose you anything
to not insure, so it’s at your own risk.
As with a lot of things, many pros would suggest
you don’t insure, but if you have money in
the pot and fancy gambling it, then it’s a
low risk bet. But it is based purely of luck
and isn’t at all predictable.
However, it will lower your pot which can
affect your ability to perform other strategies
such as Doubling Down.
So tune in next time, where we’ll break
down the other strategies you can use, to
strengthen your game.

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