How To Play Blackjack – Double Down In Blackjack

Welcome to the Droid Slots guide to Blackjack.
This week we’re looking at Doubling down.
Doubling down is when a play can double their
bet. They then receive one further card before
This is one of the moves in blackjack where
your pot will affect how you play. Always
be aware of how much you have in your pot.
There’s nothing worse than wanting to double
down but not having the money. Never let the
funds run too low because if they do and it
prevents you from playing strategic moves,
then it’s time to cut and run.
There are many subtleties to know when to
double down, but a basic rule to follow is
to do so when you have been dealt a hand totalling
a 10 or 11. Since you can only receive one
further card after doubling, any card past
this point can’t be higher than 10, so will
put you in a good position to receive a total
near 21.
You should certainly never double down any
higher than 11. Anything less than 10 is an
increasing risk. A hand of 9 is as low as
you can safely go whilst doubling down. However,
if your hand includes an ace, that can make
a big difference. If you have an ace and any
card going as low as 2, then doubling down
is an option. Due to the versatility of the
ace, it creates a big safety net against busting
when you draw your final card. So you could
either have a perfect final total, or an average
Another point to double down is if the dealer
has a low up card. This doesn’t necessarily
mean the dealer will get a bad card, but it
does make his draws more unpredictable and
less likely to make up to 21. While he’s weak,
it’s good to go for a double down.
So check out our next video where we’ll
be breaking down the key things you need to
know about splitting your hand. Or feel free
to check out the rest of our Blackjack Beginner’s
guide and other videos. Enjoy!

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