How to Play Basic Blackjack : What Kind of Tables to Avoid in Blackjack

Hi! This is Daniel on behalf of Expert Village
in this clip we’re going to be talking about the games to avoid, the type of 21 or blackjack
tables to avoid when playing blackjack for money. Basically there going to be rules that
are going to be in the favor of the casino and detrimental to the players. Now let’s
take a look at what these might be, the first are any table that pays out less than three
to two on a blackjack now a lot of tables you’ll find that if it’s only a single
card table where it’s much easier to count cards that they’ll simply pay a six to five
or even a one to one payout and that’s not very good for a blackjack player, so that’s
a really good table to avoid. The next one to avoid is when a dealer hits on a soft 17,
if the 17 is an Ace and they’re going to hit on it the chances of them getting closer
to 21 than you are much higher, so if they hit on a soft 17 again that’s a table to

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