How to Play Basic Blackjack : The Basics of Playing Blackjack

Hi! This is Daniel on behalf of Expert Village.
In this series of clips, we’re going to be talking about the game 21, or more commonly
known as blackjack. Blackjack uses a single deck or up to 6 decks of standard playing
cards, which has 52 cards in a deck. You’ll have an ace, you’ll have your standard face
cards, and then you’ll have all of your regular cards 2-10. The 2-10 are worth their value.
Your face cards are all going to be worth 10 and your ace is going to be work either
1 or 11 depending on your hand. Players bet in blackjack using standard casino poker chips
and there’s always a mimimum at a table, so you want to make sure you understand what
that minimum is when you’re betting. Now the goal of blackjack is to be the closest to
21 without going over or busting. A player is going to bet or fold depending on their
hand and what they see the dealer having. Now it is a game strategy and a game of odds.
That’s something we’ll be talking about in later clips. For now, know that each player
is delt 2 cards and they’re going to make a bet based upon that. They can hit, which
means get another card. They can stay or stand, which means they get no more cards. They can
push, which means they have the same as the dealer. They can double down, which means
they simply double their bet and only get one more card rather than being able to continue
get cards until they feel that they are closest to 21 or they have busted or they can split.
If they have 2 of the same cards, they can create 2 hands by simply splitting the cards,
equaling their bet and playing those as 2 separate hands. We’ll get more into detail
in later clips, but that’s the basic of 21.

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