How to Play Basic Blackjack : Examples of Standard Blackjack Hands

Hi! This is Daniel on behalf of Expert Village
in this clip we’re going to actually be
looking at how a standard hand of 21 is played.
So the first thing you need to do is place
our minimum bet, now on this table it’s
a $5 bet but we’ve placed a $50 bet of course
the dealer’s going to deal us two cards
face up and him one card face down and one
card face up. We have to decide if we’re
going to hold on a 18 which we will, the dealer
will now check his cards and he has a hard
17, now most casino’s do not hit on a hard
17 so that is an automatic win at a 1 to 1.
Let’s take a look at another hand now this
hand will be a blackjack notice how it’s
played, a $100 bet is placed out of course
we dealt an Ace and a Queen which gives us
blackjack, regards of what the dealer has
he’s going to pay out a three to two, a
three to two odds we’re going to be paid
$150 on a $100 bet and that’s how a simple
hand of blackjack is played.

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