How to Play Basic Blackjack : Choosing the Right Blackjack Table

Hi! This is Daniel on behalf of Expert Village
in this clip we’re going to be talking about the types of tables that are beneficial for
a blackjack player. Now there are a couple things to remember when you’re playing blackjack,
blackjack is really about strategy you want to be able to keep a clear mind and have fun.
So a couple of things to avoid, first of all would be alcohol, casino’s provide free
alcohol usually to players because they know that it’s going to interfere with your ability
to make the best judgment on your behalf when playing a game such as blackjack. The other
thing is there are several rules that will be beneficial to you when playing, so look
for tables where double downs are permitted on any two card hands of course except for
blackjack, where doubles are permitted after splitting this will allow you to really bend
the odds in your favor. An early surrender the ability to forfeit half your wager against
a face or an Ace before the dealer checks for a blackjack, that’s always in your favor.
A normal surrender again where you can simply take half of your wager back based upon the
two cards that you were dealt, re-splitting Ace’s if you’ve gotten two Ace’s and
you split them, if you dealt another two Ace hand being able to re-split those, again very
beneficial for the player so look for these rules when looking for a blackjack table to
play on.

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