How To Play (and Win!) at Blackjack! (EASY TIPS TO GET STARTED)

Welcome to this how-to video.
Today, we’ll be providing you with a broad
overview of the game of blackjack.
For the purposes of this video, we’re going
to assume that you are an absolute beginner
and new to the game of blackjack.
Even though the actual origins of the game
are lost, what is known about the history
of blackjack is fascinating.
The modern version of the game features a
standard deck of cards.
The suits don’t matter, only the point value
associated with each card.
All numbered cards are worth their numerical
The “face cards”… jack, queen and king…
are each worth 10 points apiece.
The “ace” is the most interesting, as
it can be made to be worth 11 or 1, whichever
is more favorable to the hand.
Players and the dealer each begin with an
initial two-card hand, with the dealer only
showing one of these cards at the start.
Players have the opportunity to take additional
cards and “hit”, or they can “stand”
with their current total.
If the total point value of a hand ever goes
beyond 21, that is a losing hand and “busts”.
The goal is to be closer to 21 than the dealer
is… without going over, of course.
If the player has a higher total than the
dealer at the end of the round or if the dealer’s
hand busts, then the player wins.
If the dealer has a higher total, or if the
player busts, then the player loses their
The players are playing against the dealer,
not each other, so the only hand anyone needs
to do better than is the dealer’s.
It can make for a fun time at the tables,
since everyone playing against the dealer
can win on the same deal of cards, regardless
of which player has the best individual hand.
There are other details to how the game is
played, but in general… that’s the gist
of it.
Blackjack is a game you can find at casinos
around the world and, of course, online.
Learning to play is as simple as firing up
your computer or smartphone and practicing
for a few rounds in a free online game.
We also have plenty of additional videos and
articles for you to make sure you are the
best blackjack player you can be… so make
sure to check out for even
more information.

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