How to Play 7 Wonders Duel in 4 Minutes – The Rules Girl

I’m the Rules Girl, and this is 7 Wonders
Duel, a card-drafting game of ancient city-building
for two players.
In 7 Wonders Duel, players are competing ancient
civilizations, constructing buildings and
wonders over three ages to dominate their
The goal of the game is to win, and you can
win in one of three ways:
A science victory, achieved by obtaining six
key scientific breakthroughs,
A military victory, achieved by overwhelming
your foe with warfare cards,
And a civic victory, achieved by having the
most victory points at the end of the game.
On your turn, you’ll do one of three things
using the buildings in the center:
Add a building to your city.
Discard a building to earn money, or
Use a building to construct one of your four
You can add any one building from the center
into your city as long as it’s not covered
up by any other cards in the structure.
To add the building, you must pay its cost
in coins, and have these resources in your
For each resource you need but don’t have,
you must pay two additional coins, plus one
for every copy of that resource your opponent
has on their brown or grey buildings.
Some cards have an icon underneath their cost.
If you already own the building with that
icon, you can take this card for free.
Buildings give you all sorts of things, including
resources, discounts for resources, coins,
victory points, and progress in the military
and science victories.
For each shield a newly-purchased card has,
move the conflict token one space closer to
your foe’s city.
If you pass one of these lines for the first
time, your opponent will lose some coins.
If you make it all the way to the end, you
instantly win a military victory!
Likewise, if you collect six unique science
icons, you’ll instantly win the science
If you collect a pair of identical science
icons, take one progress token from this bar,
giving you a special ability such as cheaper
buildings, more effective warfare cards, or
lots of victory points!
Looking for cash?
Instead of taking a building, you could instead
discard one, removing it from the center to
collect 2 coins, plus one for every yellow
card in your city.
Finally, if you’ve got the resources or
the cash, you could instead use a building
from the center to construct one of your ancient
wonders, granting all kinds of benefits, such
as destroying an enemy player’s building,
constructing any discarded building, or immediately
taking another turn!
There can be only seven wonders, so as soon
as the seventh wonder is built, flip over
the one unbuilt wonder.
No matter which of these three actions you
take, if you’ve fully uncovered any face-down
cards, flip them over.
It’s now your opponent’s turn.
And that’s the game.
When there are no more age I cards, set up
age II, and the player who’s losing the
war decides who goes first.
When age II is done, set up age III, and when
age III is done, if no one’s already won
a science or military victory, add up victory
In addition to victory points printed on your
cards and tokens, convert every 3 coins you
have leftover into one victory point, and
the player winning the war receives the number
of victory points in the conflict pawn’s
The player with the most victory points wins
the game.
Ready to play?
Add 5 random progress tokens to the progress
bar, place the conflict pawn in the middle
of the war track, and give each player 7 coins.
Choose your first player.
For your first game, just give player 1 these
4 wonders and player 2 these.
If this isn’t your first game, place 4 random
wonders in the center, and let player 1 choose
Now Player 2 picks two, then player 1 gets
the leftover one.
Now do that again with 4 new wonders, but
start with player 2.
Now shuffle the three age decks, returning
three cards from each deck to the game box.
Shuffle three dark purple cards, guilds, into
the age III deck.
Now deal out the age I cards forming this
shape, with alternating rows of face-up and
face-down cards.
Player one goes first.
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