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guess what we’re Doing today Look everybody is in here and ready for it. And I’m sure you guys already told can tell by the title. We are making Granola bars for dogs granola bars trail mix bars, whatever you want to call it We are actually getting ready to go camping this weekend, which will be Kira’s very first camping trip So if you guys want to check that out Be sure to watch for those videos and check us out over at dogs vlogs We’re gonna make some granola bars to take with us camping so they can eat them while we’re hiking and doing fun things So let’s get to it. So as I said, we’re going camping this weekend We’re gonna make the dog some treats to take camping with us. If you haven’t seen our camping videos. I’ll put some playlists So those up above also if you’re new here don’t forget to hit that subscribe button like this video and share with your friends to help us continue to burn the polygons and More treat videos you looking for more treat videos up in the cards and down in the video description below Let’s get to making some granola bars for dogs We’re actually going to be making some of these for ourselves as well But not today not this video are you a little ingredient thief. Now. Memphis is like I can still do that, too We know you can we know you can and Shelby’s like “there’s fruits on the table I want nothing to do with that!” First: preheat the oven to 325 Okay, so this is actually gonna be a pretty easy recipe we’ve already preheat our oven We are going to need two and a half cups of you can either use rolled oats or rolled Barley flakes. I’m actually using rolled barley flakes. Shelby is on a new diet So I have to be a little bit stricter with what I can give her. So we’re using rolled barley flakes But like I said, you can use either then we will need 1/2 1/2 cups of puffed rice Which I’m just using Rice Krispies Again this is a treat. It’s not a meal replacement So the girls can have some Rice Krispies now and then. you want to Rice Kirspies Shelby oh she’s gonna fall asleep over there here hey Shelby Have a Rice Krispies Well, she likes Rice Krispies We are going to add a half a cup of unsweetened coconut flakes and then one cup of dried fruits now, I’m using a mixture of blueberries and unsweetened Cranberries, they’re unsweetened blueberries as well So they’re just normal little dried blueberries Which I know Shelby won’t eat any of these this is gonna be a treat you like blueberries. This is gonna be a treat I don’t think Shelby’s gonna eat Okay, you can see her down there already She’s like I cannot believe you are making these treats with all these fruits in them. Can you guys even see her? I can’t tell them the camera. I think Kira stepped in front of her Well, she has a look of disgust and then we’re gonna just gently mix all of these dry ingredients together Okay, so now that we have all of our dry ingredients mixed together we’re gonna mix together our wet ingredients So basically, I’m sure you’ve had granola bars before this is kind of a base of your granola bars You can use this recipe and make it for yourself! You really could eat this if you want to it’s gonna be pretty good The only thing I’m not really adding a lot of is sugar but I am using maple Syrup and honey, and both of those are a little bit sweet Again treat not a meal replacement. The dogs aren’t gonna just Maul these down so These would actually be pretty good for people as well So the next thing we’re going to need is a half a cup of honey. I’m using Michigan honey, because we’re from Michigan Would you like to try some honey? It’s stiff. Yeah, I know a sticky stuff here is like whoa. Let me try it a little bit little bit, honey is it sticky this sticky stuff, huh? How about you? Shelby you want to try some honey? It’s like “you’re making treats with fruit. I don’t want try none of it!” And then we’re gonna need 1/2 a cup of maple syrup what I know these are gonna be a little sweeter than you’re used to and Then the last ingredient is about a third of a cup of peanut butter Make sure you’re using peanut butter that does not contain xylitol You guys should all know that by now, but every time I make a treat video, you’re all like “don’t use the peanut butter That’s the bad stuff in it!!!” No, we know Says wait, there’s peanut butter. This is for Shelby. She didn’t get none of the rest of it. Y’all go away Let Shelby lick that spoon Oh big lick from Shelby. She says “I like peanut butter guys, I do like that” now we are gonna take all of the stickiness and we’re gonna pop this in the microwave for a minute and a half hour basically We want to warm this up so we can stir it all together so that we can then pour it over top of this So that’s what we’re gonna do next While that’s heating up real quick I should have said this at the beginning but we’re going to use a 9 by 13 pan with some parchment paper And we’re going kinda to squish it down And then we’re gonna spray it so stuff doesn’t stick to it if I could spray So this mixture doesn’t really need to be hot or boiling or anything like that You just want it to kind of mix together. You don’t want to cook it too high because you don’t want everything to burn So now we’re going to take this mixture and we’re going to pour it into here now We’re gonna kinda just stir this up try to get that stuff all over the place We’re gonna bring this over here, take this pan and we’re gonna pour all this stuff in here and not make a giant mess Maybe we’ll make a giant mess. I’m sure will make a giant mess. It’s kind of what we do Okay, so now we’re gonna flatten this out into this pan We’re gonna kind of want to get it pretty i’ll do it with a spatula first. I Don’t do it my hands a little bit. Okay, maybe I should have used oil and not the Bakey stuff that I have. Oh Wait I can fix this! hey want some! See how to fix this. All right go for it So now we have our granola bars in the pan. We’re gonna put these in the oven for probably around 25 to 30 minutes before we take them up The reason I let the parchment paper kind of hanging over the end is when they’re all done and cooled We’ll be able to just pull this right out here and then cut them and I’m gonna cut them into squares not bars I’m gonna cut them into little pieces because as I said, these are gonna be a treat for them It doesn’t need to be they don’t need to be huge. We’re gonna make little ones Make sure it’s all even look I got it in my hand again. Of course I did That’s what we do. All right, so we’re gonna go put this in the oven and see how they turn out What do you think Shelby’s like I’m out you made stuff with fruit in it. I don’t want stuff with fruit in it today That’s okay. These two are still here Into the oven at 325 it goes Alright, so that’s what they look like We let them cool completely before we cut them into pieces and I think we have some interested dogs All three of them came in here as I was cutting them So I think they may be interested to see what they taste like even Shelby seems a little interested What do you think Shelby you wanna try it? We’ll see. We’ll see Shelby the real test I know you’ll eat anything and you’ll eat anything All right, let’s let them try em So for those of you wondering this is actually the size I cut them into for my dogs so just a little like what one and a half inch by one and a half inch squares and they’re not super thick and that Is the size that we will cut them all into and take them with us to go camping Hey wait, your turn, wait your turn All right. So here’s the real test. Will Shelby eat it? Well, you think Yeah, I’ll set it down so you can check it out she’s like “guys there’s like fruits and vegetables in there!” There’s no vegetables in it. Just fruit. Nope. Shelby says no Let’s forget it. I’m out. Memphis says guys I will literally eat anything You will eat it! is it crunchy? Is it good? Memphis approves Memphis says “I will eat it all” I approve Sit good girl you go What do you think good stuff Guys it’s amazing. you like it it’s a win It’s greatest you like it. It’s a win so we got two dogs Say yes one dog says no We’ll call that a two-thirds win Good stuff, right go run around now. I know that’s what you want Now that you’ve seen everybody else eat it now you might try it No, all right, hold on well she’s thinking about it we’ll let her take her time maybe that’s all she needs Don’t bother her we had to put the puppy outside. So the puppy don’t bother her She’ll take her time and slowly munch on it. Yeah, she wasn’t thinking about it. She’ll lick it first All right, you lick it first and tell us what you think later Well, we gave her a little bit of a long time and she actually did eat it I brought Memphis out here and she decided to eat it. So maybe she did like it She just didn’t like it at first so We’re gonna take those treats up camping with us again. If you guys want to check out our camping videos I will put some links up in the cards above and down in the video description below You can check those out. You can also follow us over at dogs vlogs to see more of our day-to-day lives These girls are ready to play Alright you guys we hope you enjoyed today’s video If you have suggestions for the next treat, we should make leave them down in the comments below and you never know We just might make your suggested tree video next What are you doing? Alright you guys as always thanks so much for watching. Thanks for subscribing. Stay positive dream big it wait to see you again soon Goodbye buddies They’re being crazy over there Subscribe to Gone to the Snow Dogs!


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