How to make a Dice Box (with Secret Puzzle Lock!)

hey I’m Jay and I’m Jamie and today
we’re gonna make a puzzle box for our dice a puzzle box is a box that can only be
open by solving a puzzle and a dice box is a box that holds all of your precious
dice we’re big fans of both of those things so we thought it would be an
awesome project to combine the two into the ultimate dice of all puzzle box now
normally when we start a project we were pretty good idea of how we’re gonna
build a thing this was not one of those times ended up
building a bunch of prototypes because we were trying to figure out the best
way to make it really really small it had to fit in this tiny box but also
it’d be simple enough to open in just one or two moves after a lot of trial
and error mostly air we finally landed on a design that worked consistently it
was easy enough to open and look awesome first up was to get our wood milled up
and ready to use for this we’re using buco Tay which is an insanely awesome
looking hardwood that’s native to Central America it’s known for having
this really cool grain with these little eyes all over it it’s awesome the puzzle mechanism to work the top and
bottom of our box need to fit together really precisely and we engineered it
with all these grooves and miters and things so that the box would only open
in one direction this meant everything needed to fit together perfectly or
basically nothing was gonna work so we decided the best way to get that
precision was to use our X card this took a ton of setup and trial and error
like we mentioned we had to try all these different things to get stuff
working but I think what we came up with worked really well we secured the
workpiece down to the CNC and let the x-carve go to work it was pretty
nerve-wracking watching this but after so many test cuts we were about as
confident as we were gonna get we had to just let it do its thing and see what
happens when the two pieces are done it was really really close we use the
shoulder plane to take a couple shavings from each side of the groove so that the
top fit on perfectly to hold the box together when it’s
closed we’re gonna use some magnets on the top and the bottom the ones on the
bottom are countersunk can get screwed in and we found a really clever way to
use those screws which we’ll see in a bit we recently childproofed all of our
cabinets with these really cool little magnetic locks and that’s what gave us
the inspiration to use magnets for our puzzle lock so we did a ton of research
online to figure out like what type of magnet puzzles were out there and we
found some really cool stuff we’re gonna link all those videos that inspired us
in the description below so that you can check it out by far the biggest
challenge was the puzzle mechanism needed to be super tiny so that it still
looks like a normal dice box from the outside we needed some Springs and an
easy place to find those was from some retractable pins the magnet lock is
hidden in the end grain of the wood so we drilled a hole for the magnets as
well as a smaller one for the springs it needed to stick out just a tiny bit
from the end so far so good make it lock when his clothes the
magnets are gonna slip into these little mortises on the ends of the box so we
made these by hand because we weren’t sure exactly how they were gonna fit
we’re using that strip that we cut off earlier so that the grain of the wood
matches the rest of the box at the shooting board we use a hand plane to
make the tiny little 45 degree miter so it fits into the end perfect fit initially we drilled a hole at the same
size as the magnet thinking it would fit right in but it didn’t quite work well
enough so we ended up using a chisel to expand the mortises make them a little
bit bigger and make sure that the magnets were going to lock properly once
we were confident that everything was going to work we glued the end pieces on considering how precise and perfect this
all needed to be for it to function as a puzzle box I was so amazed and how well
things are going we only have the one piece of buco day so if that doesn’t
work then well we’re done next step was to sand and finish the box
and we’ll see what this little hole is for in a minute we sanded it to 320 grit
and then finished it with shellac which looked really good when it’s dry we use
some fine steel wool to take that high gloss down to a really nice Sheen we
wanted the inside of the box to have some padding so leather seemed like a
good sophisticated choice now since we’ve used the x-carve to cut out the
inside of the box we decided to see if we could use the x-carve to now cut out
the leather which we’ve never really seen anyone done and weren’t sure
exactly how well it was gonna work spoiler alert it did work to C&C the
leather we use the finest it bit we had which was this engraving bit our goal
was to use the same file from before to finally outline the exact shape we
needed we were pleasantly surprised it worked perfectly
we cut it out and then put them in remember those magnets from earlier we
put the tiny screws in about halfway and then we take our spring magnet thingy
put that in and then the screws get tightened down and they hold the magnet
in place we can then twist it around the screw which dials in how far the magnet
sticks out and gives us total control for how tight the lock is so far we’ve
shown you how to take a cool little dice box and make it lock with a magnet in a
spring but what we haven’t shown you is how to solve the puzzle like any good
story secret lies with the dragon this is a metal dragon pendant that Jamie has
had since she was a kid it worked really well for this and it had a little space
on the back that was suspiciously magnet shaped we bored out the hole and then we
used some sandpaper to flatten the back of the dragon so that it would sit flat
on the wood remember that hole that we drilled in the top of the box
well every once in a while a plan comes together the trick to opening the box is
the opposing force of the magnets when you hold the dragon against the end it
pushes the magnet inside deeper into the hole and allows the sides to unlock easy
to open once you know and it keeps your precious dice safe and sound thanks as always for watching the video
we hope you liked it we hope the puzzle was cool and we hope the dice box was
cool we hope all the things were cool if you liked the video give it a thumbs up
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too until next time stay wicked so what we
haven’t shown you so far we’ve shown you how to take your disbelief they suspect
clear your mind

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