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We have made it to the
encore after an excellent meal at
Gallagher’s compliments of the Pantaleo
crew representing Toronto much
we’re gonna hop on the one three No
Limit game see what we can do with a
$100 stack I know what you’re saying
Boesky don’t buy in for singles I’m
gonna buy in for singles Boesky behind
for 500 you’re rich now this may be true
I’m new to cash games I’m gonna start
small and work my way up it’s all
discipline and we’re gonna stick to the
plan and see what happens I’m gonna
establish a win rate at different volume
levels at different venues to get a good
feel of how reasonably I can sustain a
living off of cash games in Las Vegas so
stay tuned this is going to be one hell
of a journey
with blinds at $1 $3 there’s a limber we
may get $12 with Queen 10 of Hearts and
get two callers Bob comes East Jack
deuce two spades there’s a bed of 15 and
a call of 15 we could jam but I don’t
think they’re gonna fold so we lay it
down and we now have $88 with blinds at
$1 $3 under the gun limps out of the gun
plus-one limps we’re next to act under
the gun plus two with ace-queen offsuit
raise it up to $20 a stack of low
society if you will
action folds to the under the gun player
who calls and under the gun plus one
calls three ways to a fly
while up comes East five deuce two clubs
action checks to us I bet $20 setting up
a turn jam under the gun
check raises to 40 what’s she rabbit
pocket deuces pocket fives under the gun
plus one calls the 40-some cause for
concern but with our relative short
stack I think we’re gonna have to go
with this the good thing is my jam will
reopen the action hopefully I can
isolate against a flush draw or worse
ace yjm for $68 under the gun looks
disgusted and folds and under the gun
plus one folds tournament locals
watching the hand develop from behind me
and he starts laughing hysterically
and we now have $200 coming back he’s
coming back I got the license yeah I
have to like go with blinds at $1 $3
under the gun makes it 15 there’s two
calls I’m in the small blind with East
King of clubs and $200 I make it 80 to
go everybody folds and we pick up 50
bucks things are going well
very few hands in the 1/3 No Limit game
and then they announced there’s open
seats in the 1 to 5 pot limit Omaha game
which I completely forgot about so I’m
gonna take this opportunity to hop it
and see what happens so it’ll change a
pace never hurt anybody sit down and
were four handed and the fine floor at
the Wynn / encore inform us that there’s
no rake if we want to play four handed I
know some people think that more rake is
better overall for the game it’s
actually better because pros aren’t
playing I disagree so let’s play
all three guys are pretty cool were
chatting it up one of them is a viewer
of the vlog attorney from New York I
went a few small pots I make the nut
straight on the turn ray he’s gonna call
rivers a brick but eighty bucks get a
call get paid off when a few more pots
all of a sudden we’re up to five hundred
eventually the main PLO game breaks and
we’re forced to move
I don’t like 9 handed and I don’t like
break so we call it a session
we end up cashing out 555 dollars from
our $100 investment net profit of 450
five which gives us an hourly of two
27.5 almost two hundred and twenty-eight
my hourly is consistent upon two hours
at the Encore now it’s time to go home
and see the dogs make sure the like and
subscribe button cash game journey is
starting off very nicely and I’m out
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apprentice course or boesky exp for $150
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