How to Get What You Want at a Vacation Resort in Mexico | Innovative Spanish

imagine you’re on a vacation in Mexico
you want to order some drinks how do you
do it hola soy Alex Alex here anyone can
learn how to get what you want at a
vacation resort in this lesson you’ll
learn how mark and Karen are relaxing on
the beach at a resort in Mexico let’s
watch witnessed RVs silly freezy algo
Ola Hoving C Trager no super de pina
coladas por favor
la mia see Nicole seguro well when segi
de gracias por cierto and donor Club
Infante esta frontier la playa al lado
del restaurante e la puerta naranja
cierto exactamente
now the lesson focus
here’s how to get why you want at a
vacation resort have you ever wanted to
go on vacation in Mexico here are some
tips to help you out if you are thinking
about going to Mexico on vacation you’re
not alone around 30 million tourists
from all over the world travel to Mexico
for vacation so there are many luxury
resorts and hotels to choose from some
of the most popular tourist destinations
are Cancun la del Carmen kosumi Los
Cabos Puerto Vallarta Manzanillo
huatulco and Acapulco a good insider tip
is if you want to travel to Mexico it’s
better not to go between July 10th and
August 28th this is when schools are out
for summer vacation and it’s usually
really crowded whether you are traveling
with friends family children or that
special someone Mexico has facilities to
accommodate all of your travel needs
common services that can be found our
restaurants bars cafeterias private
beaches pools gyms playgrounds and
children’s clubs usually referred to as
many club are globe infantile where
special activities are organized to
entertain children such as video game
competitions crafts and sports
tournaments some hotels also have night
clubs night family shows and special
themed nights at the main restaurant in
the hotel if you are at a restaurant and
want to get the waiters attention the
best way is to wave your hand back and
forth if the waiter is close to you you
can use the word the squirt Bay excuse
me in the formal register at a
restaurant if you want to sound more
like a native speaker when referring to
the waiter or waitress you can use the
words haben meaning young man or
senorita meaning young lady even though
both of these words imply that the
waiter or waitress is young you can
still use them for any male or female
staff members in Mexico it is a good and
friendly idea to
your waiter or waitress before ordering
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