How to get crowdfunding for your daft ideas by Mr.Bingo at Awwwards Conference London

Thank you
That was one of those intros
We’re basically he just told you everything I do and now I’m going to tell it to you a little bit slower
so sorry about that, but um that
is Half sound
I start again, okay
Mr.. Bingo
Thanks for having me
By the way anyone here that does speaking a pro tip for you if you ever doing a talk somewhere always put a slide in
With something that’s very specific to that events. They think you’ve made a despot talk just for them
rules to my talk
If you need to take all these feel free that’s fine
Shout out wherever you want when you want to get bored fuck off if you don’t understand something because you’re stupid
and in the unlikely event of an emergency just
Close your eyes hold hand to the person sitting next to you and wait for the emergency to pass if I wrap clap
[on] the way to work this morning on the bus
I was looking up this conference, and I thought it was it was called a digital thinking thinkers conference, so just a disclaimer
I don’t actually work in digital. So sorry about that. I do some thinking sometimes, I think I think I think
the introduction to me
I collect self-defense books for women I
Collect postcards of one person in I like taking photos of children when they match object perfectly even the shoes
I’m from here
In 1998 I won the bingo 141 pounds 27p got the nickname bingo. Just added a Mr.. To it I
Worked in the commercial de straightest for 15 years doing stuff for magazines
advertising skateboards posters
whoopee cushions
slightly the go surfing book covers animation
stuff on Walls hair
things on TV before
Boys he called safe
Wallpaper with really weird stuff going on in it
So this is my talk how to get the public to fund your last ideas I
Collect postcards as I said
[collects] them all my life love postcards I
Was on my own in my studio a bit drunk one night
I sent this tweet out and just said I will send the post on the offensive message on to the first person to reply to
This about 50 people replied everyone really enjoyed this idea
I sent the first on to this guy Jonathan hopkins dear Jonathan fuck you and fuck your shit legs took a photo this put it
On the internet people enjoyed it and shared it a lot and talked about it and because I’m an entrepreneur I
Opened a service called hate mail few days later charging people basically charging strangers me to send them offensive postcards lots of people bought them
How the rules are really simple there’s no request you just get what you’re given you can’t ask for anything
You can send it to anyone you can talk to yourself against into a loved one a friend pet
It’s not my fault if [you] get sad
Or to a title as a result of receiving one of these it’s not my fault
Lots of people bought them
And even some examples of what they look like I?
Really like doing art that kind of interrupt to the public internet to the public like I love social Media
I love Twitter and instagram. I like talking to people on them
I’ll kind of reply to anyone that you know tweets me this girl
She’s an amateur model, and she sent me a tweet a few years ago
And said it means to bingo did a portrait of me
It would make my year so I sent her that and I just like that kind of like interaction allows interaction with strangers
It’s kind of what
So you know makes me want to do this art arm system or these?
somehow couples order
you have nice only ugly people win the lottery I notice is frequently basically it’s
literally every single one
so if you’re good looking or even if your average looking or lie even if you’re five out of ten don’t enter the lottery because
It’s pointless you’ll never win only ugly people win
We’ve all done it
So the project didn’t really I’m not very good at business
And I’m too many people bought them and I couldn’t do them quickly enough, so I actually had to
Close her after three days
There’s only ever open for three days in 2011 since then
opened it a few times about 10 times for a few minutes at a time and outs on Twitter lots people bought them into the
panic rushes and then it turned into another thing press talked about a lot, so
They liked it it got lots of global coverage
it’s really nice to get like a page and the times you can send it to your mom and dad and [they] should have a
Little bit more of a vague understanding about what their sons actually doing quite
Interestingly and sadly whenever I’m in the news. I’m actually the only son bit of news that happened that day
And then it turned into art by mistake, so I just silly tronco
De León Ina turn into art and it got exhibited in art galleries in a few different countries. It’s great
You know when you see these postcards essentially of telling people to fuck off and drawings of cocks
And then there’s people in art galleries stroking their chin and looking at taking it seriously
That became I’ll even got its own bottle of beer at One point
Five thousand of these were distributed around Camden, so I’ve done about I think I’ve done 1092 of them
I’ve got bored of doing them kind of ran out of ideas. I decided to do a kickstarter love tears everyone know what kickstarter is
Course you do ok
It just in case anyone doesn’t it’s an online platform for you
Can’t with an idea for a project and you get the public to fund it instead of you funding it
So I did a kickstarter
Why kickstarter I hear you [ask]?
well, you can do whatever you want, so
This is what I like about it
I want to this book order to make a pretentious fine art
Expensive book if I went to a publisher with this idea that if you can’t do it too expensive this scale everything down you have
to compromise
Cartlidge the Corners so as long as you’re doing it with other people’s money you can make where for you want so I wanted to
make this
And you don’t to invest joint money. Which is a kind of interesting sort of way of doing business instead of risking your money?
You’re risking thousands of other people’s money. Which is kind of a weird weird way of doing it, too
That’s quite nice, and it’s very fun which I’m going to show you
So when you do a kickstarter you have to do a video which goes in this
Bit here at the top of the page the video is really important it kind of cells your project
And it’s excel to you
And it’s like a little advert and you want to capture people’s attention in the first at ten seconds get them to like you get
Into like your thing it’s really important. I did a lot of research looking at videos
Looking at once like there’s a blowfly ones when people don’t really make an effort and then
Quite like to stuff like this
Laurie Daley
ACDC guns and roses
Jolidon what have they all got in common. They’re all going to be in my new book 52 and
They all played here had wembley stadium
Please come to my account on Kickstarter and support 52 a book about rugby league rock and [roll] and what it means to us
I’d like that video because two things I like about it one is
Basically just filmed himself in an iPhone and then to dis reveal to nothing and then came back to him and then at the end
Of it even though it’s really shit. He looked at the cameron [did] [a] little [north] like nailed it
But yeah, he got funded anyways so near I looked at these videos
I looked at these this is my category kick-starting publishing category this what most videos look like kind of really nice
It’s like person in focus you also talk about their work in a nice bonus of soft out-of-focus background
They are a bit boring, and I like to do things differently so I want to do something different
So I thought I’d make a rap video
I think I’m really interested in wrap up in studying it for 37 years, and there’s lots of different styles of rap
You know so I spent ages think about what my raps in the be like you know for example?
[a] [playbook] when you can turn fish, it’s one style of rap, but it’s a bit kind of
1981 I wanted to do talk a bit mark today, and I’m also looking at flowing locks
I’m saying it’s my mate, and he said um you can’t have nick that and put it on your kickstarter might get in trouble
So actually what I love about the internet you can find people really quickly found this guy elias [Austria’s] the producer
young guy lives in Brooklyn I sent him an email and said hi kind of certain is like humbly mouthing I’m an artist from the
Uk and I was just wondering is there any chance I could borrow that instrumental version of [that] hip hop clank you mate?
I really like it to be in the background of my
Kickstarter video, I didn’t tell him I was actually making a fuckin rap song and
He was like just emailed me back and was like yeah sure fam and some other urban words
And he emailed me the track it was amazing
So I kind of got the track cleared and I spent ages think about
what was my rap going to be about I’ve got to get all this content into a
perfect 3-Minute song you know like a pop song and
Employers think it needs to be about that like who I am he’s introduced me to talk about post and royal mail
Because the whole hate mail he needs to talk about hate mail the story
What is it need to talk about Kickstarter the quality the finished production?
I think I’m the only rapper that’s ever rapped about bookbinding
And then at the own kind of talk about raising money crowdfunding and then appeal for backing
There any rapid in the room
No, it’s just me okay. If anyone wants to get into rap. This is this is really good
This is really important carried around in your bag or your handbag at all times the rhyming dictionary is very helpful
So I learned to rap and I started looking at words that
Rhymed were talking about things. I wanted to talk about like this and
You know service service deserve this purpose worthless nervous and then put even to whole part of rap
Are opened a service deserve this demand for self harming humans who felt they deserved if my surface of postcard serving these worthless humans waiting?
By the Letterbox getting more nervous
And I spent ages writing this okay like you know people like to pack the right fucking album in one night
And I thought oh, this is easy
But there should be two weeks to write my rap song and I kind of dread at the strategy world piece of writing what I?
Call a trap Sketches on the right here
I’d be writing down sort of like words that rhymed and sentences and things I thought quite funny and then on the left that have
like whole actual bars of Rap
I basically spent two weeks listening to that track in my head every day for about 12 hours on
Buses and in cafes and bars and in my house in my studio just kind of going mad
And in the end too much rap. I wrote about 25 minutes of rap
Which is too much time a 25-minute rap video because it’s too long
And so this is all the rap ended up on the cutting room floor
it’s always pretty good actually [Ben] who I finished it, and I carry my lyrics around her to learn them and
And I needed to announce like shit. How do I caught a rap single?
I don’t know how you two and I remember this time this guy hugh. He’s a radio 1 DJ
You steven
I met him a latitude festival a few years ago stayed in touch them kind of became mates
And I said let hugh you know all about music and staff to a DJ
How do I record a rap song and it put me in touch with a friend of his called reese?
Who lives in Layton and just going great?
So he just basically got a little home recording studio thing set up in his house
And I went round and just recorded the song it was amazing. I’m gonna lose Mike. It’s a little circle on in Fn
What it’s all but anyway, we made a rap single
so normally I don’t much longer versus talk where I kind of talked about how I made the rap video % months making but we’d
Have time to try and keep this down to 25 minutes, so let’s just watch [the] rap video
Joe, I’m the illustrator known as Mr.
Bingo thing though is I’m just trying to give an intro to keep start my clips are with a bit of info
So you can sit back in your fucking chair and watch the king grow
Before I try and explain the hate mouth closed their first we need to focus or more preferable screws before the internet
communication with more intimate you wrote a letter got an envelope and put it into it then
I did some at the magic like a unicorn you put it in a red box and a man a
Uniform take this the inner fag and delivers it now pay attention
To this section if you still give a shit late at night alone and in the mischievous mood
I had an epiphany to send a stranger some through dude. I made enough for two you by the postal system as soon enough
They were queuing up for me to dis thing. Yes what?
I’m open to service the service
Demands the first harming Humans who felt they deserve this my third little postcard serving
Worthless Humans waiting by the net box [getting] my never
Imagined the postman face width or that an updated poor map with a message reading your fare accusing you of a sexual relationship
With your catapult watch Shakes its head and drops it on the doormat. I can’t there’s an element of
Sadomasochistic faster page includes you like her [if] [dis] [clin] it and move this
Confuses for music yet people choose to do this causing metaphorical bruises
Yeah, I’m not responsible for any bad feelings and ruining the grease [from] the shit that they’re receiving is possible
I’m actually addicted to hate mail even if I lost my eyes are probably [some] hate rail rail trail
Yes first book documented hate mail inception, but this one is more of a definitive collection
perfection a carefully curated selection
And you vote to get it made a bit like an election clothbound boy or blocking expert?
Finding a super high-end art working Katie
Reminding you might think barring no expenses of all choice if publishing with cars and put the fucking rolls-Royce son
Say this is my difficult second album
But how come you actually allowed you mind the outcome I feel the world place hate mahler
I hate failure my whole career is actually based on my behavior look
I’m just an art is trying [my] hardest to pass this test to reach a big Target the
[bassett] keeping me awake in the darkness
Regardless, I’m risking it and taking my chances
So what I’m [learning] is this man cashed-up?
What only converts the pages turning in the world keeps learning that a?
Self-published books always been on my bucket list and a payor Kick-start has always been a fucking lip
So please invest or am I turn to interest [marry] my rich sister and live off her insurance
Yo, but take me seriously and look me in the eyeball wanna be [this] [book] be bigger than the motherfucking Bible
Thank you. I don’t who knows his get to is skepta. Yeah, I mean just saying you know
Any way rewards the other?
Interesting bit about doing a kickstarter say the rewards of the things the different tiers you offer people different. You know amounts of money
They can give different things to pack your project. I looked at rewards and again
They’re kind of people do a lot of really boring stuff
especially in the publishing category people just do things that you can buy one book or you can buy three books or five books and
Then sometimes this is like a special experiential reward at the bottom of the page
which is like five people can go for dinner with the author I kind of took that and times it by million and
So I did all these weird rewards so did get told to fuck off from the internet
312 people bought it. I told him to fuck off throughout the social Media
And they like getting really strange explore obscure like I just wrote this apps and that sat on a toilet wall took a photo
Sent it to him one of his friends saw [it] go in touch with him and said look mate
I think someone’s got a real some real beef with you, and he said oh no no, it’s fine
I I paid him to do it and it gets really confusing
Did one called troll package now? I don’t condone trolling
I think trolling is very bad, but um you know if people are willing to pay me to do it
I will do it and so you know people pay me to troll them for a week on Social Media
Instagram feed designer from Manchester I rebranded him
And anyway, just send these things she’s trying to kind of break these people down
This is a kind of weird one
I did called 30 queen were offered a one-off pornographic drawing of Queen Elizabeth the second on a
On an envelope using the postage stamp and her head
All this stuff sold out, I’m kind of it. I’m kind of interested in what can make it through the post
You know what the bounties of tables?
Acceptable what’s allowed to get through because it’s a weird thing when you do post
Are you ain’t any just put in the post box and then you don’t know what’s going to happen and your life’s in the hands
Of the postman and the people in the sorting office and the postman delivers it the final end and it’s kind of down to them
Whether this stuff gets through or not, so I posted this a couple of years ago, and it did make it which was great
So I knew this kind of stuff could get through
That’s just playing when with his amp something different um
Yeah, so I did this one
And you know so this is one of the kicks out rewards a lot of leaves like many kind of projects on Their own
And they start getting ruder as they went along she was undressing with more than a bit more
fully fully knew that too far and too far
too Far but um
Thank you, I
Was worried about this stuff. You know because um
If I’ve done is hundred years ago loads of people saw this know that you can’t miss the queen you can’t fix the royal family
You know 600 years ago. It would have been hung drawn and quartered this [sort] [of] stuff happens, though a bit worried
I looked it up
It’s got high treason this act of disloyalty to the crown
But um it’s mainly two wards and murdering and enemies and so I think I’m okay anyway
Getting shit-faced and a trainers another one. I did a bit of painted a lot of the kickstart rewards
I did were things that I like doing in my spare time that I think of fun
I was kind of putting out and saying do you want to join me and do this with me and it turns out people did
So you know it’s been ages planning. This this is a train journey
We would go out for two hours outside London with strangers, and then we come back for two hours
and you know stop for five minutes at the destination come back for two hours and get shit-faced and
So people did this people bought these everything sold out these are complete strangers
I’m really proud
I onlys hashtag getting shitfaced on a train one of the best [things] about owning a hashtag is basically you know you can look this
up on Twitter or Instagram
And I own every single post every bit of media on that on that
Thing so it’s really nice and you can kind of look back and see all the stuff. He’s done
it’s kind of like a little diary of diary of your life at that time so all [it’s] really interesting about getting shitfaced on a
Train which basically it was sort of like a social experiment as well as it took
Four groups of five strangers you meet up with them
London station, they’re already quite shy at first
I mean, I thought that shy because you know getting shitfaced on a train with strangers buying that on the internet
You can’t even track the certain type of person, but generally they’re kinda like oh, hi. I’m dave
I’m a graphic designer nice to meet you, then you basically put them on
You know to the man silver sort of Tube and you fire them through the countryside any only like [200] miles an hour and then?
Come back and you give them loads and loads and loads of foods and at the end of it
They’re all best friends, and they will swap phone numbers
And they’re jumping on each other and they’ve got private jokes and one of them to tell has a whatsapp group. Going. It’s lovely
I’d like drawing people on trains as well
This is when I did [where] basically if you get a Christmas card any to fuck off very simple people bought it
I did it Deluxe edition of this as well. Where you could actually?
me the author would phone you on Christmas day and total fuck off wherever you are in the [world] and
there are five these available and
when you when you deliver a kickstarter you basically have to send everyone a survey and have to fill it in and say where they
Are where they live you know in order to deliver that reward and for this one for some reason?
I don’t know why [but] I just had a bit extra question please provide any additional instructions needed
And this is kind of responses I get from my customers
I’m a single 33 year old guy with a flat cup and a receding hairline
I live alone with two fucking cats and haven’t had a girlfriend in eight years don’t hold back let me have it
And I didn’t [he’ll] back and he loved it so essentially for this project
I kind of went from like a you know illustrator artist in source of Dominatrix
I guess for a bit, and I had to do some [Christmas] [sales] [wait] a weird day
And people love kind of you know this like fun, sort of stuff going on
I do and people sort of like send me little jokes as well. It’s kind of like a game
You know so I’m this person france was buying something and they just hit the words fuck you and their address is it’ll message to
People send me stuff forgot sentence crocheted bag of dicks by a girl um total stranger got it on my mantelpiece at home
this is the
Weirdest reward actually offered was meet me for a pint in five years time
And it was 200 pounds and five people paid 200 pounds to meet me in five years time for pie that it’s so weird you
Know and they’re just waiting
Especially the only thing in my diary for the next ideas
I’m really looking forward to it
This is the only one that didn’t sell be my friend. It was 5,000 pounds
It had like you know little terms and conditions it last for a year
20 texts a month
It’s not very many is it
Minimum of six hours hanging out real life friends on Facebook social media and attending key event such as birthdays weddings funerals Etc
It would have been cool if someone bought this because as like I said publicity piece it would mean great
You know like man sells friendship on Kickstarter would have been great
But I’m kind of glad someone didn’t because it would be weird. I would have had this friend for a year
You know you might be just sitting at the back of the room now not be strange
cats don’t like being helped by Children
This is just a quick fact for you, and I collect pictures of cats being held by children
They hate [it] the children are always very happy at the cats always bad
It’s the same every single time there’s hundreds of thousands these photos have been taken, and they’re all a waste of time
He doesn’t love her
also, the Kickstart did oh she did really well because of this kind of combination of this really silly video and
These really weird rewards it kind of went viral. I suppose and people enjoyed it, and it actually funded in nine hours
Which is kind of mental?
nine hours
And then it did this for the rest of it, so I ended up about four hundred percent funded
Which is which was amazing a lot of people on the first day were like your son. Did it he’s totally rich
He’s just going to be laughing [now]. Just sitting on a beach, but I didn’t do that
I kind of pushed it and pushed it
You know I take these things seriously um when all the money was coming in I was a bit like at one point
I should have made too much money. I don’t know what to do
We have to make noise complicated book ever with this weird of you know cover
And then I spent the whole time during the kickstarter just continuously marketing it and pushing and pushing it
So you know do these little [things] think this is sold out?
This is when we click on a date with me and whether soon there’s another. Yes, it did sell
And you know every Monday through new rewards
So kind of keep up the momentum because 1.1 when you funded you’ve got 28 days left
You’ve really [got] [to] keep people’s imagination going and keep people interested in some way
I was doing those many adverts on social media of time
I do things kind of teasing people saying let this is nearly sold out. [it’s] kind of making people panic by
and then if it’s a stretch goals gave money to charity and
Did it right down to the very last of light down for the last hour a minute?
I’ve got hundred Thirty-five around loads of people thought I was really rachel
I just made a hundred Thirty-five grand, but I’m not very good at business
and this is how I spent all the money a lot of time to re going through this but
At the end of it that kind of that’s what I ended up with
looks like a fucking french fry
What have I learned from all of this?
Always ask questions
Yeah, basically the main thing. I’ve learned I learned a lot of stuff from this project
But the main thing I learned is that people are more willing than I thought to buy stupid things
I thought people are quite boring. I generally think people are quite boring. They do the same things
They follow the same pattern so you know they don’t really engage with this kind of fun stuff
I didn’t think they did so I was putting all this stuff out. There kind of is a test
You know like do you want to get drunk with me on the train?
Do you want to do all this weird stuff?
And it turned out people did which was amazing and it kind of restored my faith in humanity of it
Which we really need at the moment right so um yeah people are better than I thought and they like all this fun stuff
And it’s great because it’s kind of bodes well for my future
I want to make more stuff like this, so when the kickstart kind of ended. I was like hang on a minute
I think I want to start working for clients and
[another] I’ve done, so I start liking for clients, and I deleted my website. I just literally press the button
It’s all disappeared
So there’s nothing on the internet now about me that says I’m a you know illustrator for hire
Or an artist or anything its kind of nothing really and I quite like that
So I’m just calling myself an artist now. I just decided overnight. That’s it. I’m going to be an artist start working [with] Clients and
And this is kind of my plan for the rest of my life
It’s basically make stuff for people make a living out of people out of the public and not
Companies because it’s much more fun much more rewarding. It’s much much nicer way to spend your life
I’ve got loads of new ideas either see my new idea
And this is kind of sort of how it isn’t my idea process. It’s kind of how it works
Many of you can kind of sympathize with this thing where you know?
mainly just coming up with new stuff all the time that people don’t really know about and then occasionally one of them comes through and
becomes the thing so this is like examples of stuff I do now, so this is a
Lot of projects. I did it was an epIc calendar
so I launched this in November last year each person has a little number 14 24 to December and then
And really people really enjoy
Just awkwardly slightly too long that video isn’t it
Yes, but it started like this then it just before the Christmas day you get that which is really fun
[and] people played with it as well
I love the fact that people did their own thing with it because it’s serve interactive piece of art
But you’re basically buying something it was up to you what you wanted to do with it
So this is a guy called rich in San Francisco
Sent me this photo and basically he just decided to dress them how he wanted
There was a gay guy who only scrubs out the guy’s clothes as well
Which is really nice so yeah, I love [that] the people play with it. This is the last project
I did actually launched this yesterday, and it’s safe to be really simple. It’s valentine’s cards for single people for Valentine’s day and
Its really simple basically you get a valentine’s card from me, but you have to be single. There’s no couples the three
Categories you can choose from romantic creepy or filthy guess which one got the most sales
followed by Creepy and then romantic
So quite interesting kind of data collecting and it’s mental so I launched this yesterday
And then it sold out by eight o’clock this morning
So this is what I’m going to be doing for the next 10 days sending strangers weird creepy valentine cards which I’m quite excited about
and then the next project
I’m going to do this year so I don’t know why but just I’m going to go on a walk for 53 days
I’m going to walk 630 miles around the south west coast path just for fun and see what happens
This is my route, so I’m sure this will turn into some kind of art project. I don’t know
You’ll see me in like two years time doing a talk about this probably
That’s kind of it really if anyone’s been taking notes on my lecture. This is a summary of everything


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