How to double your money on 20p Roulette £2 FOBT at William Hill the prequel

£5 in at William Hill
20p Roulette
Place your bets?
Let’s go..

Allright, one more.
No more bets please?
Lets see what happens.
It’s in the hole again.
14, Red, Even.
No more bets please?
24, lets try again.
24, Black, Even.
No more bets please?
Going for the zero.
Ufff, so close, uh. Still nice return there.
32, Red, Even.
No more bets please?
OooaA, nice. Nice return.
10, Black, Even.
Just run the opposite way and give me a Zero.
No more bets please?
Or repeat…
Ahhh, nice.
Black, Even
Give me a zero ad then I’ll go.
So close yet so far, damn!
12, Red, Even.
No more bets please?
24, 16?
24, Black, Even.
11 or Zero and I’m done.
Don’t mind 5 on the go.
Do I have 7? Nooooo
B’stard 18.
18, Red, Even
No more bets please?
So close yet so far.
27, Red,

No more bets please?
YES, AWwww
Nice one 11.
11, Black, Odd.
Saved the day.
One more and double up.
No more bets please?
Come on give me the zero, gimme te zero.
3, Red, Odd
That’s double up
Double the money, I think that’s enough.


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