How To Deposit At Your Mobile Casino Using VISA Banking

Hello and welcome to our quick guide on how
to deposit at your mobile casino using Visa
Debit. Visa is one of the most widely used
card payment methods in the world and offers
simple and speedy payments. The process for
casinos is little different to buying things
from online stores making it a familiar choice
for your mobile casino.
In order to get started, you first have to
log in to your casino and then head on over
to the deposit page and select ‘card’
as your depositing method of choice. You can
add your card details to your casino account,
and save them for swifter deposits on repeat
visits. You can even save multiple cards to
your account to give you flexibility. However,
for your first time making a Visa payment,
click the add card option and then fill in
the details on screen. This will of course
include selecting the type of Visa you are
paying with. You can find this information
printed on the bottom right of your bank card.
In short, Visa electron payments require you
to have the money available in your account
there and then, while Visa and Visa debit
allow you to make payments even if you don’t
have the funds available just yet up to a
certain point.
The details you’ll need are; the card holder’s
name, the long card number and the expiry
date. All of this information can be found
on the front of your Visa card. You then add
your card. You can now select your added card,
but any time you want to make a payment, you’ll
have to enter the security code, which is
the 3 digit code on the back of your card,
so only the holder of the card can actually
finalise the payment. Enter the amount you
wish to deposit, hit deposit and then you’re
good to go.
You’ll be told if the payment was successful,
before being returned to the home screen to
enjoy your casino games.
We hope you found our quick mobile depositing
guide to Visa helpful and feel free to check
out our other depositing guides to learn about
all the other ways to add money to your casino
wallets. Thanks for watching.

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