How I won $16,000!

the win $230 rebuy big getting upwards
of 200 entrants it’s really booming
how’s business booming finally the word
is getting out that this is the best
tournament of the week in Las Vegas it’s
a one-day event structures great some
say the structure is too good but I’m
all about that value the rake is low the
service is excellent let’s get in there
and win all the ships arrive at the Wynn
at 2 o’clock and there is up to a 1-hour
wait come on
once again unbelievable the whole room
is completely packed with tournament
players and cash game players every
table is taken and it’s rebuy so it’s
less likely people are gonna bust and
leave I’ve got about an hour to spend at
the wind / encore property not the worst
place to hang out let’s make the best of
it and do something one hour later
with blinds edge 300-400 I’m under the
gun plus one with king queen offsuit
make it nine hundred to go the button
calls and both the blinds call we’re
four ways to a flop flop comes Jack nine
four two spades checks to me I decided
to check in hopefully peel off a free
card or back jam on the button the
button does not check you bet 1600 so
when the small blind calls great spot
for realizing our max equity with the
two overs nut flush draw and B D F D
backdoor flush draw shove all in for
fourteen thousand one hundred ships
original RAZR on the button goes deep in
the tank and calls it off we have about
the same stack small blindfolds button
shows jack ten of clubs the turn is a
four and the river it’s a jack not a
good card for us and we rebuy $200 but
blinds ants three hundred six hundred
out of the gun makes it 3x eighteen
hundred VIP on my right is playing
almost every hand and is in for multiple
rib eyes call six hundred but of course
it’s 1800 so it just doesn’t even know
it’s the hell’s going on so he’s forced
to call the 1800 I’m next to act with
pocket kings two red ones fifteen
thousand chips or maybe a little less so
I put in the three bet seven thousand to
go under the gun calls and VIP I’m I
write folds flop comes eight six deuce
two hearts under the gun checks I shove
for sixty eight hundred on
he calls with pocket sevens with the
seven of hearts the turn is the five of
hearts will he hit a straight flush the
rivers of five of diamonds he does not
hit a straight flush and we double up
30,000 ships with blinds at 600 1200
action folds to local aggressive Asian
woman who opened shoves for 70,000 I’m
in the big blind with East Jack offsuit
in 26,000 pretty close I mean just over
20 blinds we want to call it off with
East Jack here I got somewhat of a live
Reed I got to go with my live Reed I
make a disciplined fold face up and she
shows me East Queen dodged a bullet and
I’m now on dinner break with a forty
thousand chips coming back with 20
blinds let’s enjoy a meal with a viewer
over the blog with wines that one
thousand two thousand I have 43 thousand
I’m a middle position with pocket jacks
making five thousand to go action pulls
to the cutoff a tight player that check
back turned in river with top top once
he snapped jams sixty thousand action
folds back to me can I pull jacks here I
think we got a gamble put him in put his
range on something like ace Queen Plus
tens plus so he put in the call and he
does have East King suited let’s hold
flop comes King high turns a Brit and
the river is
the two outer that I need to survive we
got a big double over 90,000 now the
blinds at 1500 3000 Caucasian male aged
70 raises to 6000 under the gun it could
be ace another elderly Caucasian male
who I’m real friendly with snap jams
73,000 in middle position we’re in the
small blind with pocket jacks love
pocket jacks we have 110 thousand my
read on the 73k Jam is that he’s pretty
tilted he had over 200k a little while
ago and keeps getting out kicked in some
pots so his range might be pretty wide
if we eventually shove under the gun
folds middle position 73k guy has pocket
tens pop comes 9 8 3 turns a 7 and the
river is a deuce we now have two hundred
thousand chips two hands later
I opened to 7000 with pocket kings in
the cut off button shoves 80,000 or so
of course we call he has King jack of
spades let’s hold the flop comes five
three deuce two spades
I feel like an underdog in this
situation the turns are seven of clubs
and the river is a nine of hearts
patience pays off
we’re here with JT welcome to the vlog
and we’re at about two hundred and sixty
thousand going to I believe three
thousand six thousand about thirty three
players remain twenty pay twenty
thousand dollars for first let’s get it
but blinds that what’s up editor Chris
that’s me please subscribe to the
channel and like the video because if
you don’t just gonna come to your place
and kick your four thousand eight
thousand I’m on the button with the old
nine eight off suit make it sixteen
thousand to go both players in the
blinds call flop comes nine nine seven
two spades feels good man they check to
me I bet small to induce from any
straight draws flush draws 7x combos
twenty two thousand is the bet small
blind folds I’m disappointed and then
the big blind says those two words he’s
all-in for one hundred and sixty
thousand I snap call of course he has
East seven he’s drawing almost dead the
turn is a six and he’s out I now have a
stack of five hundred and seventy
thousand chips feeling great we’re
approaching the bubble let’s put on some
pressure one eternity later him nice but
blinds at eight thousand sixteen
thousand under the gun just lost a big
pot and his lips of sucks under the gun
that guy’s the worst
I’m next to act with pocket jacks you
know I can’t lose with pocket jacks in
this tournament so I pump it up to
60,000 14 players remain action folds to
a fifty five to six year old Caucasian
male in the small blind who thinks about
it and shoves all in for two hundred and
thirteen thousand ships folds back to us
we got a snap call we got them well
covered three hundred K behind we call
he shows pocket nines let’s hold the
flop comes ten eight for the turns of
seven for the open ended sweat but we
got the jacks blocked and the river is a
six and a few table mates winced at the
unlucky run out and we lose four hundred
and fifty thousand shit pot gotta win
those but blinds at ten thousand twenty
thousand ten people remain we came back
from the devastating Jack’s verse 9s
hand yeah it was a rough one and we’re
staying aggressive holds us on the
button we got the ten three of clubs
great hand on the button we make it
forty five thousand chip leader on our
left folds and a fan of the vlog defends
his big blind the flop comes seven four
three two clubs bingo bango bongo Vince
he checks to us of course we could check
back for a little deception try to get
the showdown with our bottom pair or
disguised flush but I decide our stack
sizes are perfect I can bet forty five
thousand if you check raises like 140 I
can shove my for seventy-five and still
a fullback buddy and really make him
doubt his decision he’s been very
aggressive and he’s been getting away
with it so I bet forty five thousand and
he quickly makes it one hundred ninety
five thousand what the hell’s going on
here am I about to effectively call it
off with bottom pair on the final table
bubble we might have fold equity I have
he could have a flush draw or a favorite
you could just have a naked 70 folds
over flip it against sometimes in life
you have to be willing to die in order
to live we shove all in and
he folds we take it down bottom pair
putting it all on the line and we’re now
at the final table of nine with 700,000
chips we have reached the final nine
$20,000 up top there’s no reason we
can’t win it let’s stay focused we’re
middle of a pack stack let’s pick our
spots and use our knowledge of ICM jumps
to our advantage
few shorties go out we I now have seven
remaining we see an epic cooler of Ace
King suited versus aces and we’re now
six handed with blinds at fifteen
thousand thirty thousand action folds to
us in middle position I look down at Ace
King five hundred and twenty thousand
ships holy one move here no reason to
raise call with ICM pressure we shove it
all in there’s three people shorter than
us action falls to the small blind who
has two hundred and twenty K and he puts
in the call for heads up against pocket
let’s hit an ace one time the flop comes
King high that’s a problem and we double
him up the guy on his right is cheering
for him and I tried to explain to him
nicely that you kind of want him to lose
the very last hand before break were
still six handed action folds to the
button big stack he makes it 65,000 I’m
in the small blind with pocket kings
finally we waited for it and we got it
we shove all in for two hundred and
sixty thousand elderly Caucasian male
and the big blonde goes in the tank
we’re praying for a call but he
eventually pulled a white guy it’s a old
white guy I described everybody equally
original RAZR puts in the call he has a
dear God no ace
okay but blinds at twenty forty thousand
we’re now four handed I have about seven
hundred thousand and I opened rip it
with ace-queen offsuit small blind goes
into the tank and calls it off he has a
stack and we got some video
three-handed my opponents our heads up
in a pot ace ace deuce x board and they
somehow get it all in
the deer says do hold and renow heads up
with 5.7 million in play I have about
1.5 million and he is 4.2 million of
course I offer an even chopped 16 K each
he considers it for a second and then
counters with 15,000 17,000 a pretty
fair deal I think my ICM is close to
14,000 and I eventually say 15 560 and 5
you got a deal he proceeds to win about
10 pots in a row
and then he declines the deal so we’re
playing or playing for the win
eventually I’d Windell down to 1 million
and he has 4.7 million I say okay I’ll
do 15 you get 17 we’ll call it a day he
now reconsiders he wants to play for all
oh we can play for it all
the very next hand I put on my
sunglasses he open shops and she’s been
doing a lot and I looked down at King
Queen 20 blinds we call he has 910 off
and here’s the video
we play for a few more hands and of
course I just lose all the hands he’s
very fearless to say the least and
that’s not a good thing heads up for me
I want my opponent to be very timid weak
passive so I can run him over he’s doing
the running over I’m not picking up any
hands and so when I have two million
chips I’m gonna make him an offer he
can’t refuse I offer up the even shot 16
each he thinks about it and says okay if
I get the trophy we got a deal well
there is no trophy but you can have the
official Twitter victory here’s the pic
he gets $4 extra and we have a deal in
for 530 out for 16000 only at the wind
best casino in Las Vegas
hashtag boycott venetian play at the
wind in for five hundred and thirty
dollars out for $16,000 – tip I always
tip well at the wind / encore I mean
they really treat me like a king I
debated even coming here today because
I’m lazy and I could just play online at
a CR but in the end I really appreciate
just how nice the staff is you got to
see it to believe it along with all the
players that come here specifically to
play this tournament really means a lot
when they come up to me and say you know
thanks for the recommendation love the
thanks for the videos feels great man
overall great day could have played for
the win but like I said very aggressive
high variance so we’ll take it
16,000 favorable chip-chop gotta take
that deal big shout out to the rail
Chris my editor Vicky showed up or at
Owen but the hand updates means a lot
guys very exciting times this is why we
play tournaments


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