HOW I GOT MY FIRST HORSE // PART 1 : Bingo & Dragonfly

If my cat steals another one of these…
We’re gonna have a problem. Hi guys, it’s Jill and today
I have realized the only times I put on makeup this summer is for videos.
It’s kind of the worst now, but it’s fine. Also, yes
I’m wearing David and Liza merch because I really like red and the sweatshirt was red and I was like
that’s for me. Just a quick thing
just want to let you guys know that Millbrook Leathers just sent me three different pairs of ‘stir covers’. ‘Stir covers’? Cool
Yeah, this is for your coffee stick. It’s to stir… Yeah. I got purple, red and black. So that’s pretty good.
I’m excited to put on those on the spurs
that I don’t use on my horse, so you know, I’ll work it out.
Today’s video is going to be about how I got my first two horses and then I’ll make a part two to this video where
I talk about how I got my last two horses. Yeah, let’s just jump right in.
Jumped in with a voice crack, it’s great. You know I’m a goose. Hi, I’m a prepubescent boy. (Whistles)
Okay, so lets get started.
So when I was a young lad… in
second grade to be exact.
I was about eight years old. My friend was walking down the hall and she was wearing these half chaps and
paddock boots with Bermuda shorts.
And so Burmuda shorts come down to here and half chaps come up to here, so she had about this much knee showing, and
I was like, ”Kristin, girl, what are you wearing?” She was like ”this are some of my riding clothes, and I was like
“I’m sorry, what?” Y’know, now.
It makes me sad. A little nostalgic and a little sad. Because like what kid would go to school in their like half chaps and
shorts now? Young kids are wearing like leggings and booty shorts, and I don’t understand. It’s not fair.
I was– and why was I not that fashionable?
I was wearing horse shirts, and I had front-across bangs and a coconut head. Kinda angry about it. So I was like ”what??’ You ride
horses, can I come?” and then I started taking lessons the next time. I rode a few different school horses. They had
Sissy and then Bingo. Each lesson I had it was only one lesson a week, and when I rode Bingo
I loved him. He was 15.2-hand Quarterhorse gelding.
He was like 20 years old when I bought him. He was a schoolmaster. Granted, remember,
I’m eight so like, um, I was like ”I gotta have him”. And I begged my parents for weeks and weeks and weeks,
and they finally asked Deborah how much he was going to be
and then without telling me, they bought him for me on my… See, this is
where things are confusing.
I might have been
seven when I started riding, now that I think about it. Because I think it was my eighth birthday that I got Bingo.
Could have been my ninth, but, no ’cause I would have been in third grade. Was my eighth birthday!
I started riding when I was seven. Oh my God, this changes everything.
I’ve been riding for almost 12 years. (Gasp)
Wow. I get to bump it up a number, I’m cooler now. Now back to the story. On my eighth
birthday, I was just begging to go out to the barn. I didn’t wanna like birthday party or anything, I just wanted to go out barn.
Either that, or I had a birthday party out there. I, either way, I needed to go out to the barn.
So I get out there and my friend’s mom drove me.
There’s nobody there, and I was like ”what the heck, did they all not come to my party or like
what’s the deal?” So, I get out the car
and I walk to where Bingo’s stall was and there’s a ‘happy birthday’ thing over his stall, its all done, and
there’s cake and whatnot, all the things and I was like, ”Oh my god,” and my mom was like
”He’s yours”, and I was like ”what?!” Fairy tale story, like my parents are super, super individuals. I love them with all my heart.
I started riding Bingo — his full name was ‘Bingo Bugfuzz.’
Important detail. Cherish. When I first started riding Bingo,
I rode him in a western saddle for like two lessons,
and I just remember my friend was like gearing up to ride in an English saddle
and she’d been riding in a western forever and ever. And then she’s finally got to ride in an english saddle and she was so happy, and
(laugh) the lesson she was like ”hey, Deborah, next time can I ride in a English saddle?”, and I was like ”oh me, too”
and she was like ”sure”. Kristin was like (hisses).
And then we had like a summer camp there, where we all like spent the night at her house, and got up and took care
of the horses, and fed and brushed everybody, and everything like that. (Quietly) Um, where were we going with that?
Then like when we went to ride, we would have like bareback or like all these games and contests and stuff,
I started writing him bareback.
And then after that summer camp never rode him in a saddle again, until I changed barns. And when I changed barns
I got so mad because I had to ride in a saddle all the time. And everyone there thought I was weird because when I wasn’t having a
lesson, I was just riding.
I was just got on bareback, canter around the area forever. The trainer that owned Bingo prior to me buying him, went and moved, uh,
several hours away, so I had to find a new barn. And I took him with me. When I got there,
it was like a competitive eventing barn and hunter-jumper and they had all the things going, and I was like
”uh, hey, this is my, um
quarterhorse for you, um” and he would never pick up his left lead,
I think. He was only right-handed or something. He just, like wasn’t the best jumper, but he tried.
I mean, he was almost 22 at this point.
I took him to one event. I think I took him to one– to a few events.
We just ran around,
‘green as grass’, which is what Starter was called at the time or like Pre- Beginner Novice. My coach is like ”okay,
it’s time for new horse”, and I was like ”uh, what?” because I mean like I’m like ten, at this point
and I was like ”what, a new horse? What do you mean?” Because bingo not kinda he’s good (inaudible)
Um, I got talked into selling Bingo. We sold him to this little girl that rode there. He was 22.
I wonder if he’s still alive, that’s kind of a sad thought. So then we started looking for horses. I say, looking for horses.
Um, we drove down to Holly Hill, which you guys know, I ride there all the time. I compete there. We go school
there. It’s only three hours away, it’s in Louisiana.
They were having a show and we drove down there to look at Dragonfly while they were showing.
He was only half shedded out,
so his like butt was fuzzy, and I was like ”this is ironic,” because Bingo was ‘Bingo Bugfuzz’ and now Dragonfly has
butt fuzz
Its just funny (unaudible). I brought my saddle and everything, got him all tacked up, and I don’t really remember trying him,
I just remember that when I sat on him
I got this like tingle in my stomach
and I like knew. I have like really really strong intuition everybody, just so you’re aware. And I just rode him,
I really liked him. I don’t really remember much else besides that. The first horse I tried, go figure. I can’t remember
how we got home, but anyway. We got him back, to Misty Mountain
which is the ranch I was at. And, yeah, then I started riding him and I had him for four years.
He took me from Beginner
Novice Level 1 –Starter, ‘green as grass’, whatever you want to call it.. at every show back
then, it was a different name — all the way up to Training level and that horse was a beast.
I loved him so much. Ah, I forgot to give details on him. Dragonfly was a
Morgan-cross. He was 11 when we bought him, and that little pony just took me through everything. Anything and everything imaginable,
that horse taught me, so.
There’s more on the sales story, when I start talking about Beau
and that will be in the next video, which I’m going to film right now but upload later. Got it? Okay
This is marketing strategy. Woohoo. Thank you guys so so much for watching.
I really hope that you enjoyed my story. Be on the lookout for the next video,
I’m not really sure how far apart they’ll be, but I will be posting two parts.
I’ll talk about Beau and Zoe in my next video.
I hope that you guys have had a wonderful day. Make sure that you hit that Subscribe button, comment
what you wanna see next, comment if you like this video, what I can do better, and I’ll see you guys in the next video.


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