‘How Drunk Are You Right Now?’ Sneak Peek | Bar Rescue (Season 6)

What do you recommend
for draft here? We have the ale,
something easy. Ale? All right,
I’ll try that one – You want to try that one?
– Yeah. – How about you?
– I’ll just have a dirty
martini. A dirty martini?
Okay. He made no effort
to up-sell her. – Jason: Yeah.
– Yeah. Kind of warm. I think it would be good
if it was cold. I think it’s got
a weird…Okay.How’s that? That’s probably not
dirty enough. You know what?
I didn’t specify vodka. – It’s well vodka.
– Oh! – He should have asked that.
– Yeah. ( coughs )
He should’ve asked. Roughly 60% of guests
will give you a name brand – if you ask for it.
– Mm, exactly. A great majority just jump on it
and your sales go up. It is not that busy. These people should be
interacting with every single customer. I don’t know,
let’s order some
appetizers too. Oh, there’s more
on the back. Like my eyes don’t know
where to look. It looks like
a pretty big menu. – Yeah.
– Yeah. For such a failed
operation and it makes you wonder,
Chef, how many of those items do they not even have? Or how much is just
sitting around waiting to be sold. – And…
– You guys, so, underneath
this line you can do a sampler
and it’s three of these. And if you want to choose
two of those– – That would be awesome!
– and like taste each thing. – Yeah! No, that would
be really cool, thank you.
– Yeah, you’re welcome. Look at Klaryssa, now she might not have
the best skills in the world, but she is hustling. They’re hot.
They’re hot, baby. Be careful. Just be careful.( laughs )You’re drunk, don’t even
think I’m gonna serve you. She’s the only one really
putting forth an effort if you think about it. – I’m dying right now.
– What is happening? – I walk in–
– ( slurring ) Hello.
Are you guys regulars? – No, this is our first
time here.
– Her first time here. – Really?
– We’re visiting from Phoenix. Watch, he’s gonna figure out
a way to get a little closer. – Uh, I come here once in a
– Very cool. ( slurred speaking ) – Yeah.
– We’ll look it up later, we’re trying to enjoy
a night of just hanging out
right now. You have two nice looking
women, well dressed… – Uh-oh.
– Jon: …laughing
and having fun. Why wouldn’t you make sure
that they’re taken care of? – Jason: Of course.
– Ashley: Of course. They’re gonna get more
people in. They’re gonna get guys
to stay and spend money. Klaryssa: Uh, Chip’s gonna get
real pissed at me right now because I’m not serving
him a shot. Whoa! Chip doesn’t need one,
but he might have one. – Well, I’m not trying
to serve him.
– Man: She tried. I said I’m not serving
him anymore. – She tried.
– Woman: Give it to Chip. Rich: Serve him. Rich, he scared off
my table. ( slurred ) I need a
( bleep ) girls. Okay, well, he scared off
my table of two girls. because he was being creepy. I thought he drinks till
he falls over every day. Okay, but if I don’t
feel comfortable, then I don’t feel
comfortable. Why are you coming
at me like that? I don’t serve him like that
every friggin’ day. Now if you were
an employee, and that customer was
over-intoxicated and you said, “I don’t
want to serve him” and the owner made you
serve him, what would you do? – I wouldn’t serve him.
– Cheers, bro. Ashley:That’s the business
being shut down,
that’s my job,
that’s my life.
That is a big fine.I would never, ever,
do anything like that. I don’t care. You don’t want to party,
get the ( bleep ) out. – Rich.
– Man: Come on, come on,
come on. Klaryssa: Rich, he scared
away– you’re gross. Yeah. Exactly, that’s why. – I don’t see ’em.
– Because they got scared– – Rich.
– I don’t see ’em. All right. – Klaryssa: Stop!
– Look at that. So, this employee, Klaryssa,
a good employee, working, gets harassed by
a drunk customer. Rich does nothing
to protect her. If that happened to you,
you would never come back here,
would you? – No.
– He’s putting ’em all
in harm’s way. Rich:What the hell?– I can’t have five minutes?
– Rich: Why? – Because, you.
– What did I do? – Bring it, girl.
– You got mad at me
because I cut Chip off. – You said you need the gross.
– I need the gross. Guess what, though. Chip isn’t
buying ( bleep ). Ricky is. I’m not cutting Ricky
the ( bleep ) off. ( bleep ) I don’t care
how they’re drinking. – We need the money in the bank.
– He scared off two girls, Rich. And then he was trying
to go to the bar and scare off more! He’s justifying
not supporting her. This guy’s a jerk. Look at them,
she’s crying. You antagonize me,
you’re like, “I don’t see what–
I don’t see what.” I wanna see why
he’s not defending her! And why he’s not
stepping up, ’cause he should! – Carlos is doing it.
– I need the gross! I don’t have time
for this bull( bleep ). You know what?
Me either. I’m transferring it to Katelyn. You know what,
you do what you gotta do. ( bleep ) ( crying ) How is it dealing with
an owner who’s that drunk? I know, I don’t know,
it sucks! I told you, he doesn’t
even give a ( bleep )! He said, “Deal with it,
deal with it!” That’s my ( bleep ) ass
on the line and I’m not doing it. – Yo!
– Yes, sir. Mr. Courageous Manager. Mr. Engaged!
Mr. Protect Your Staff! Mr. Be Responsible!
Mr. Sober! How drunk are you
right now? I’m not sober. How much money did you lose
this month? 20,000. So, You’re drinking, knowing
you’re gonna lose money. – Yes.
– You’re buying drinks
for people with your mommy’s money! Not yours, Mr. Big Shot! Mr. Respect My Family’s Money! What the ( bleep )
is up with you?


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