HOUSE TOUR (Zero Waste Resort) in Uluwatu, Bali

and then you see like garbage everywhere
and that breaks my heart
good morning guys now we’re standing
outside of our property that we’re in a
second going to show you it actually
sounds like a construction site here
which actually it’s correct but behind
us we’re having the second-largest
statue in the whole wild world look at
it’s huge it’s actually a hundred and
twenty-one metres high and 65 meters
wide which is crazy
now this statue is actually over 30
meters higher than the Liberty State in
America and is located in Uluwatu
in Bali and a fun fact is actually that
it took over 30 years to build this huge
monster of statue now we’re gonna go in
and show you our resort which we call
the zero waste resort here in Bali are
you ready to show them that yeah let’s
go in so we’re standing outside the
Casa Asia which is a resort located
in Aloha to Bali where we are currently
at and what’s so special about this
resort is that they have adapted a silly
waste mentality in how they run things
in here and that’s awesome we love that
and it is also super beautiful so let’s
go inside and take a look now it’s time
to look at the room
okay let’s sew into this master bedroom
and see what we’re having on the
left-hand side you can see a big bed
over there we have some side tables and
everything is made in wood in this room
as you can see and it’s high in roof so
it’s pretty minimalistic at the first
sight right we have a TV on the wall
we’re having a hanger there and then
we’re having a wooden table with a
wooden stole there as well so you can
see pretty minimalistic but also like a
waste thinking when it comes to this
room if you look over there towards the
toilet let’s walk there you’re gonna be
able to see a super big mirror hanging
on the wall this is like every girl’s
dreams also some boys dreams actually
it’s my dream and then you can see we’re
having some hangers in here so we can
hang our clothes in here we’re also
having like a safety box here so we can
store our passports if you would like to
and then on the left hand side now you
will notice some echo because we’re
going into the master bathroom
look at this hangers on the left hand
side there is the toilet
we’re having a rug here and on the right
hand side look at the size of this
mirror and also on this sink it is huge
guys you can see me we can like stand
like 10 people on a row here and you can
still see everyone you’re also having a
hairdryer here and some outlets which is
pretty rare you can see that all the
details all the shelves in here are in
goods and also look at the Dwarfs let’s
close this one up that doors are also
made in wood look at the details guys
this is super nice and also the hangars
are having some kind of like wooden
details here and even this little guy is
made out of wood we have wood here which
means eco-friendly and look at the
shower I think this is the best part
look at this shower head this is super
big so we really love this bathroom as
you can
the mirror is huge the sink is also huge
it’s wooden doors this is like a dream
right there’s also one more thing that
we would like to show you so when you’re
sitting on the toilet and you have some
spare time you can actually read some
very useful information about how Casa
Asia is recycling things like water and
garbage and also inform the guests on
how we can help to create a better
environment by for example closing the
tap water while you are brushing your
teeth or soaking in the shower and also
if there is any problem with the water
you can tell the staff or you should
tell the staff immediately and also you
can decide for yourself how often you
need to change the towels for example
you don’t need to change them every day
maybe you can have them two or three
days before you change them so that is
super good information even the hangers
are made of like bamboo which looks
pretty awesome as well so here is the
front of our room chill air I love this place
so now we’re standing in the resort and
you can actually see the statute just
behind us which is super cool yeah it’s
hundred and twenty one meter high which
is like one or two meters higher than us
and here we have the pool which they are
cleaning right now so we’ll be able to
use it tomorrow and some pretty nice Sun
beds and over there is where there make
our pizza so let’s go into the dining
area so here we will be eating our
and now you can see the area where
they’re making the pizza better from
here and here we are waiting for our
foods and here we have a little library
so in this library you can borrow a book
or you can donate one and also if you
have one with you you can exchange for
another one how good is that and here we
have a pool table how much fun and here
we have the restroom toilets and now
it’s time to order so here we have the
menu and is made of paper
no plastic as you can see and also here
we have a cloth tissue which is so much
more sustainable and the water is served
with a glass bottle so notice it bottle
I’m loving this
the first thing that we saw was this you
can buy one already here in the
reception and they are talking about the
plastic bottles and how it is not good
for the environment which is super good
so guys by our water bottle let’s take a
look at the full map
so seeing how these resorts are working
with zero waste I think it’s wonderful
and you also should know that there is a
lot other resorts out there that it’s
working for this and it’s like
communities for this zero waste kind of
thinking because it’s horrible what
we’ve seen in the beaches in the streets
there’s plastic everywhere and we don’t
blame the Balinese people we actually
blame the tourists coming here and
throwing like garbage on the streets on
the beaches destroying the environment
everywhere yeah and that’s really
heartbreaking to see that because it’s
so beautiful here the nature the beaches
and everything and then you see like
garbage everywhere and that breaks my
heart what can you do we do to make it
better you can make small changes that
in the end make a big impact and those
small steps could be just saving water
by not let it run while you brush your
teeth for example or buy your own water
bottle that you can’t refill and that is
so much better for the environment and
also a very simple thing is to buy less
things yeah if you actually think about
it you don’t need all that stuff so like
we have done we are traveling pretty
minimalistic aliy and that is super
awesome I love it me too
yeah less things happier life right so
that is just some tips from us that we
have that that you can do too or maybe
you have already done that and have some
tips and tricks for us that want to
travel more environmental friendly right
yeah definitely that would be awesome if
you would like to share them with us in
the comments down below and thank you so
much for watching this video hope to see
in the comments bye I look like an angel
okay let’s take a look inside

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