Hotel Transylvania- Mavis Makeup Tutorial

Dad, you said that when I turned 118, I could go out into the world like every other adult like it’s to come and go from this hotel.
But, Mavie Wavie, is this it? Bleh bleh bleh.
Dad, 30 years ago you promised.
I remember over both eating mice, and you specifically said that you gave me your word.
Good morning, Mavie Wavie! Happy birthday my little mouse!
Thank you, Dad. I know it’s my birthday.
Drac: I have so much fun planned, whoo-hoo!
So I have a super cute dog that I’m babysitting for like a week and okay. [oh], he’s so cute
[his] name is snoopy, but I called him McFly because I got him on the day of
The back to the future I feel like he looks like a bat
I don’t know you see it or that’s just my imagination, but to me [he] looks like a bat
So I like him he’s a licker and a cuddler and now my lighting is being a beyotch
[welcome] back to my channel people um today. I would be show you guys how to get dismay this makeup
Look, it is actually really really easy, so if you guys are banished for Halloween this might be helpful
[so] I didn’t like
Exactly the way the movie showed it
I studied her face at every angle of every lighting to make sure that I was accurate with this
So the makeup that I am wearing right now is exactly the colors that are on her face in the film so yeah
Hope you guys enjoyed this video, and I guess I’ll see you at the end of this video
Alright so the first thing you want to do is put on [your] wig and I just put on my blue contact lenses
Early you don’t have to put them on put them on after makeup
But I like [with] the [long] before and the wig that [I] have is [just] a stir it was a straight
Black normal way from Wig [is] fashion calm
[but] I just cut it up into the shape
I think it’s better to cut it [yourself] because then you can get it exactly the way you want it it is heat resistant
So you can like do this to it? I [curled] it
[now] keep in [mind] when you’re looking for wigs mazes hair is natural black it is not
Not jet black. There’s a huge difference jet black reflects blue in the light natural black reflects brown in the light
So what I’m using is a celebrity hd cream foundation, and I use it in the color Light 3
It gives me [that] natural natural paleness like that and for under eyes
I’ve used the light one. So you basically just go two shades lighter for your under eyes and
Yeah, I already put it on because I wanted to make this tutorial little bit faster
So yeah [ok] so the first thing
We’re doing is taking faint and that is just a medium brown and I’m putting that all over my lid and into my crease
Now you want to be sure to make it very light. You don’t want it to be too. Heavy
Because your eyeshadow is quite faded
All right
[so] [she] look a little bit something like that very very light
You just want it to be kind of like a tone like [an] undertone not to make it really look [like] you have a shadow
And the next thing you want to do is put [that] very same eye shadow um
under your eye
So this goes go right here. This is going to give a bit of depth and volume when you have your lashes on the bottom
And because your eyes are quite round. I’m going to bring that
Down here and kind of make the illusion um eyes are round as well my eyes are not round
They are kind of L&D, so I have to bring them into the corners and kind of make it
here round
anything shutters
Right so once you find that you’re going to take a gray. I don’t have a gray
I’ll be using a black which works. Just fine. You’re just going to take a dab into the black
Brush it on the back your [hand]
It’s going to make gray all right, so I’m gonna be taking that and putting that on the outer corner
of my eye
Just on the outer corner. You don’t want to put it into the crease or anything like that
Just go
[and] work
And again you want to be very natural with this because her eye shadow isn’t audience
All right
Take some more of that
Black turn it into a great opening in the back period And you’re going to do that on the inner corners
[alright], so that is what you want. You want it to go from a gray to a brown to a gray again and
Make sure the brown stays into the [pries] and that was how her eye shadow is in the movie. So what I’ve seen, so
Yeah, alright. So now. I’m just kind of going back and [just]
redefining that crease to walk around
You want to make sure that the crease shows because it’s going to look really nice with your eyelashes now [vegas] uses a very
Smudgy eyeliner on the top and the bottom lashes, so we’re not [amazing] liquid
I don’t recommend using liquid because I have a to me into pretty
I recommend using an eyeshadow [fair] so what I’m going to do is take a
angled brush and dip it in black
And it helps if ik to fit in water first, and then in the black, so that way it’s like super pigmented
But I’m going to put that as if I’m putting on eyeliner
Alright, so after you do the top [plane] you’re [gonna]. Go ahead and try it to the bottom
Accidentally all you have to do for the eyeshadow in the eyeliner
So we’re going to go ahead and move on to the most important part of [her] face her
Eyelashes because those eyelashes are [bomb] all right
So what I will be using is our dolls natural 132 fine
And I chose these because they’re very thick you want very thick eyelashes, but they also cannot be long
[so] I just chose these and I feel like these are still too long so what I’m going to do is literally
Cut the tip of all of it like that
[Glue] all this oh
I’m going to be cutting literally like just a smidge. They’re just weak cutting the tips off I
Guess her eyelashes are all one length
They’re very blocky very thick
So I’m just cutting off
Just a tiny bit
So you want a little something like this you see. How short they are, but they look thick that is what you want
[alright], so that is what your eyes should [look] like so far
Especially [the] lashes that is the way they should look but we’re [going] [to] go ahead and put one layer of Mascara
I’m just using the hypnose drama
Then we’re going to put that so we can blend our real lashes with the fake one
Now her bottom lashes are just as thick but I’m not going to put on false lashes
look like that [much] fall off, so I’m just going to
Do the bottom lashes I’m going to do a couple layers of it. Maybe like three or four layers
You to let them super thick at the bottom
[alright], so the next thing you wanna do is contour the nose now her nose is a button nose
But it is kind of pointy I can see in some of the shadows for nose [Mui] my nose is Pointy So oh
my God
So what you’re going to do is
Just like you would [a] button though, so you’re drawing a line on each side here
And just carry it right across, but then we’re also going to draw a line down here
Shade all that then you [just] go and make sure you blend that in so it looks very natural
so it gives the line that we added here on the sides gives the point the line across gives it the
button nose that we need
then just going to highlight the center to make it a little more obvious, so
I don’t have any black lipstick
So I’m just going to go ahead and make some out of the ashes that I’ve been using the entire tutorial
So I’m going to be taking a base or a lip balm anything will work put that all [over] your lips, so this is that
Smells really good alright, so after you put on [that], base. You’re just going to take your finger dip it into the black and
Pat it on and you don’t want it to [lock] hers is like
Or take a dark grey so don’t try to go for jet-black for this look
So that is how you apply lipstick [oh] – I’m super simple, and you don’t go by nothing [um]
I’m just going to go ahead and kind of
line this here
Because I don’t read lips to look a little bit smaller than this at least the bottom
See how that lusion is coming along. I [just] got limited
So literally all [you] have to do for the makeup is super easy
And it’s really fun if you’re going to be this for Halloween
I suggest excuse so much fun to be so I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial
[I] have a lot of fun filming it
I don’t I’m actually like super like I’m ready to take a billion selfies [with] [us] right now um
So yeah, here’s have any questions comment down below if not, I will see you guys in my next video
Look at him. He likes a carrot like a baby. This is my baby
This is the baby in hotel generating number two in my movie. Go see it. I don’t know how I got a werewolf puppy

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