Hotel Transylvania 2 (8/10) Movie CLIP – Dennis Gets His Fangs (2015) HD

Stop squirming!
Why are you doing this?! Because this is WRONG! Why doesn’t
anybody get that!? Humans don’t belong
with monsters! You’re wrong!
I am NOT! I am holding you hostage! And me and my crew are going to tear that
human hogging hotel to shreds! You can’t!
Really, Why not? Kebause…
“Kebuase” WHY? Kebause it’ll make Papa Drac sad. Ohh! Sad? And what are you
gonna do about it? I… don’t know. You know why you “don’t know”? “Kebause” you’re just a WEAK LITTLE BOY! [Laughs] [Crunch!]
AAAAAH! [Winnie squeals] (suspenseful music) (roars) Urgh! (growls) [Roars] What was that? Dennis! We’re coming! You OK, Winnie?
Yes, my zing. Huh? [Winnie growls] [Bela] Argh! [Dennis] AAH! [Mavis] Ah!
[Dracula] Oh! (slow motion groan) AHH! (tennis ball noises) (groaning)


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