Hotel T Greatest Hits Volume 3 🎶 | Hotel Transylvania | Disney Channel

Hotel Transylvania’s
Greatest Hitswill leave everyone
itching for more!
With “Bedbugs in the Hotel”!♪ Bedbugs in the hotel ♪♪ Ohh! ♪♪ Monsters love a bite ♪♪ What? ♪♪ Bedbugs in the hotel ♪♪ Sweet dreams, my bugs,
good night! ♪
(Pedro imitating record
scratching)Sock it to me, oh, yeah!What do you do with
a runaway coffin
that has Aunt Lydia inside?You better “casket”
if you can.
(Howling)♪ Now here’s a little ditty
’bout a casket on the loose ♪
♪ Speeding like a train,
cargo and caboose ♪
♪ 28 minutes said
the number on the clock ♪
♪ ‘Til Mavis goes bye-bye ♪♪ Tick-tock, tick-tock ♪♪ Didn’t see that coming,
what an unexpected twist ♪
♪ Is it curtains for the kids?
Will they cease to exist? ♪
(Screaming)Nasty. No record collection
is complete
withoutHotel Transylvania’s
Greatest Hits!
Record? Umm…
I dunno. (Scoffing) Whatever, dude.But wait! There’s more!Order today, and you’ll also
get your very own zombie DJ!
Some assembly required.
Zombie may eat your brain.
If you use your brain
for any reason,
this special offer
might not be for you.
(Groaning) Wait! What’s a record?I don’t know. I’m a pitchman,
not a museum curator.


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