What does “naked area” exactly mean”?
Are people behind that door naked?
Hi there, how’s it going? Welcome back into my channel, this is Mr. Nobody!
and wooo this is my second day in
BAD WALTERS DORF *doubtful pronunciation*
Or something similar to it…
It is 2 hours and a half south of Vienna
Well, I haven’t spoken about the actual reason why I’m here yet, in this place
Some time ago I’ve been asked whether I would have liked joining a “blogger ‘n vlogger” event
An occasion to make some of the net people meet, let them chat, work together, etc
Well, yea!
So, what’s the plan?
I’ve to give space both to the recordings for this video and the other stuff I’ll be doing here
That’s why I want to do a thing right now
Something I had promised I would have done in my last video
That is, a comprehensive review of my hotel room
You know, my kind of things, the ones I usually do when you watch me traveling around the world
*making it clear in Italian*
in other words: a tour of the room
Obviously, a well-done room tour, as it should be, has to start from the doorway
That one.
But first let me tell you something even out of context
I had no idea that it could be this hot in Austria…
Like blazing hot!
I’m actually melting because of the heat!
From this view I already let you figure how quite big this room was
In fact, once entered the room, you usually have a little bathroom and a bedroom. That’s it.
Not this time *giggles*
You have a sofa and a living room, which I’m going to show you
This is the sofa of the living room, the one I was sitting on in the previous scene
And here…
Here’s the desk I sit next to during my nights of crazy and desperate video editing
As a fact, I’ve just finished editing one.
Even though I can’t use the telephone because they will surely speak German and I don’t speak it.
I can speak French, English and Italian
But not German, at all.
This is another little sofa that you find in the living room
I really like this one because it just fits me
Almost custom made!
Another thing I’ve appreciated a lot, but haven’t shown you yet
– and well done Falkensteiner for that –
That thing
A mini coffee machine!
Shhh… See you later *whispering to the coffee machine*
Oh! You’re also given some coffee pods for free
Coffee, coffee, oh tea too!
That’s it, the living room.
Well, yea, those are things I’ve put here and there when I arrived…
Oh, we also have a TV!
Let’s go seeing the bedroom!
Again, that mess was not there when I arrived, it’s obviously my fault…
First of all, the bed is huge, like really huge
Literally huge!
Pros for you:
*taps on the mirror*
The mirror down here beside the bed is kinda classy… If you know what I mean!
Though I don’t really understand what this cube-shaped pouf is for…
Or maybe I do.
It’s probably a seat for women, to let them take a look at themselves in the mirror while putting their make-up on
I guess!
I’ve just got a call for that blogger/vlogger thing
I have to go, but I’ll be right back to finish this room review
Well, I’ve just realised that you can come with me
*closes the door*
To check out what they called me for
I think it may be for a buffet, possibly
This hallway is endless
Down there
I almost forgot it, this hotel is for adults only
Therefore no kids who make noise etc, you know
It’s just cool people
I mean, kids are nice
But I think that every now and then you need quietness, c’mon, you know, such as when you’re on a plane
No kids on planes…
Well, what floor is it?
Reception, Acquapura SPA…
I don’t know… -1?
Hello! *greeting some people passing by*
Ok, I’m back
In the end I saved your time from those kind of things that might be a little bit boring for you
But that from my point of view are quite interesting
Things about… you know, all the stuff revolving around the vlog/video matter etc
Well, what about the aperitif?
At this point: what was I talking about?
Hotel review!
There’s this door, I like this kind of invisible doors that you can barely see
In fact I noticed it only 2 hours after that I had already been in the room
Then there’s the little bathroom
Another funny thing in this room is the mirror behind my back that I’ve been trying in vain to open
because I thought that this thing here was a sort of button supposed to be pushed to open the mirror…
But it’s actually just a thing to avoid the bathroom door from beating against the mirror…
I’ve spent like 5 minutes trying to open a mirror that is not meant to be opened…

Please Falkensteiner, put a note on this button-like thing
Otherwise, some other customers are more likely to push it in order to open the mirror, you know
At this point, I can show something else that I really appreciate
That is there, outside
The view from the balcony.
Hotel rooms usually tend to not have a balcony and I see that not every single hotel can have them
But in my opinion the balcony is a must
In fact, if I had some spare time during the day I would edit my video sitting out here
Because the scenery is breathtaking
There are a lot of lawns and farms
The village down there is the one I mentioned before
*still doubtful pronunciation*
Plus, you have several swimming pools down here
Welcome Home *reading the writing on the bag*… This gift wasn’t her before, was it?
What do we have here?
Just towels.
*puts the towel bag away*
Let’s continue this room review. What’s missing?
The bathroom!
Ok, before having a look at the bathroom
I have to enter and exit from the closets, which are always way too large
In fact, I easily fit in them
Well I couldn’t enter this one was it has the safe and the shelves in it
Another invisible door which lets us in…
… My little bathroom!
By saying “little” I actually mean that it’s quite big
I hardly ever use all the things that I enjoy showing you because I’m always too busy
One moment I’m having a walk to record videos of the place where I am
Or I’m editing a video or I’m talking about bits ‘n bobs with other people such as on this occasion
In fact, I’m here for a day and a half, but I haven’t had a sauna yet or even a swim in the swimming pool or whatever
I should try it
Bathtubs are not really my cup of tea
Oh no, I got wet
There are way too many buttons… What is this for?
It’s a quite modern kind of bathtub, I guess it works also for hydromassage
I told you, I never use all this stuff
I can’t waste like one hour and a half in a bathtub
It’s not my kind of thing
That’s why I prefer taking a shower
In this case, the shower it’s like a little volleyball court
I think that about 8 people would easily fit in here
The bathroom is also connected to the bedroom
I guess we’re finished with this room tour!
Just kidding
I forgot a thing that’s hidden in there!
That is, my beloved mini fridge
Well, I find it quite bare…
Letting the glass cool in the fridge is a big up!
Dear Falkensteiner, everything’s perfect, for real
Just a little complain: what happened to this mini fridge?
Coke… Lemon beer? Ew
Red Bull, mh
Orange juice, beer, wine
What’s this? Food for astronauts?
Falkensteiner, why is there some space food?
At least it’s funny
Well, they’re nuts
Just a little note about it by Mr. Nobody
Though I appreciate the cold glasses
They gave me these flip flops too, which I still have to try because I haven’t been to the SPA yet

It’s time to go out for me now, I can’t just stay here and complain etc
Ok, let’s go out
Well, well, well, well, well
I’m out of the Hotel area, that one behind me
Just to go seeing a thing that I’ve seen from my balcony
I’m going to show it to you
It’s something very very nice
Believe me it is!
Plus, I really like being in the middle of almost nowhere, to keep it quite
I’ve come here just for them
Madames les Sheeps,
Sheeps! *trying to catch the sheeps attention*
Anyway I can’t understand why the sheeps ignore me
I’m going in my room for 30 seconds to get ready for the SPA
Hello! *greeting someone while entering the hotel*
SPA mode: on
I’m going to check and see whether I can bring the camera with me or not

I checked the place, as you can tell, since I’m still wet
I think that there is no problem, come with me!
I mean, the place is incredible and it’s dinner time, therefore no one’s in there
so that I’m not going to bother anyone with my hairdo and my camera as well

No, it’s not -1, it’s -2. I tried it before. -2
I don’t know why people in Austria have dinner at 6pm
Here we go
It’s just me in here

To be honest
I really like all this
I love it!
There is a thing we can do, though it’s quite dangerous, as I’m bringing the camera in the swimming pool
It’s going outside
How does this work?
I haven’t tried it yet
I just pull it
I really really really like these doors opening automatically
Sooner or later something bad is going to happen to my camera
because I can’t keep using it carelessly, bringing it to the SPA, the swimming pool
Expecting that anything bad will ever happen to it
I also found out that there’s not just this swimming pool, but there are some more with their own SPA
I have to check around the corner too
I find it amazing to go back and forth from the inside to the outside and vice versa without even leaving the swimming pool
There’s also the hydromassage!
*enjoying the hydromassage*
I see no point in going to the other SPA now
But I’m too curious and the other SPA must be seen
I just have a question. Have a look
What does “nude area” exactly mean?
Are people behind that door naked?
“No photography”, that doesn’t really concern me, since I’m gonna bring my camera with me anyway
Let’s go.
I’m in!
What about this?
It’s snow!
Here’s a Turkish bath, it’s so hot in there that when you come out of it you instantly need to cool down
And I think that you use ice like this
Putting it on your face for a moment in order to feel immediately better
I must try it and I’m quite sure that my camera is going to be broken at the end of this day…
But I have to do it!
No, this doesn’t really make sense, I can’t bring you in. Well, it’s a common Turkish bath.
Now, as I failed with the Turkish bath
Let’s enter the sauna
Just for a bit because I don’t really want to damage my camera
Since I keep telling that Karma will punish me for proving this hard my camera
The microphone broke.
So hot!
This is extremely hot!
This is just the second sauna and I think that there’s one more, it must be like built in the rocks.

I already dried up!
A little lake
That is the last one
I want to try that one built in the rocks so bad
It says 90-110 degrees
I can’t see anything, I just know that it’s too much hot
It’s so hot and dark
A sauna embedded in the rocks, that’s it.
It really was 110 degrees in there.
Here we go, the last swimming pool.
So hot!
I think I’ve actually done a tour of the whole hotel
Yea, that’s it for this review of mine
I don’t think I have anything else to show you
Unless I realise otherwise while I’m walking through the hallway
But I don’t think so, plus I’m in a rush
By the way you know even better than me how much I enjoy doing things like these…
Oh man if I enjoy it!
Now this video can have its ending
This is Mr. Nobody with his new broken and wet microphone and there’s nothing else left to say

And that’s it!
Take care and see you later
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*Italian song playing*


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