Hotel Saravana Bhavan Style Veg Kurma|| Zero Oil Healthy Vegetable Kuruma ||Ep 159

Hi!!!Namaskar!!!Hope you all are doing good.I’m also doing good
Wheat parotta was my last recipe.Got so many pictures and good responses from my followers
Those who haven’t tried it,don’t forget to make a try
Since the time I did the wheat parotta video,I’ve been getting requests for the saravana bhavan style veg kurma recipe
I cannot reject such requests from your side.
I’ve already posted the video for Kerala style vegetable kurma,long back
So do try both vegetable kurma from CW
Also send your feedback
Many followers asked me whether I have any siblings or not?
I’m a single child and so is my husband and we both have all the pluses and minuses of children who have grown up all alone
I’ve been thinking of telling you something…..
Many followers asked me to share the secrets of my hair
I don’t have much hair and that’s why I always appear in this hairstyle
If I had thick hair,I would braid my hair.Earlier I used to tie my hair in that style and to clip some jasmine flowers on my hair when I had thick hair
But I don’t have that much hair now.So I’m not able to use that braid hair style or to tie my hair.It doesn’t look good nowadays
That’s why I always left my hair like this like a ghost” as my viewers said.(taking it as a compliment)
If I know any secrets for the growth of hair,I’ll definitely share it with you.
Whenever I escape from my hair fall problem,I’ll definitely share the tips with you
Now let’s see how to make vegetable kurma in saravanabhavan style ( CW version)
Let’s begin to prepare vegetable kurma in Tamilnadu style
Here I’ve taken 1 carrot,2 potatoes,12-15 fresh beans and 1/2 of one big onion
You can add whatever vegetables you prefer like green peas,cauli flower,mushroom etc
I’m taking these vegetables only
Cut the vegetables into medium or small size
I’m going to cut these into small size.Will show you after cutting them all
The vegetables are chopped finely into small size
I’ve already washed the vegetables before cutting them
Add the onion pieces also
The size of onin pieces doesn’t matter because,they will mashed up when you cook the dish
(No need of more onion)
Put the vegetable pieces into a cooker
With this measurement you can serve upto 4 people.Since we are four,I always make dishes in the quantity from which I can serve for all 4 of us
So adjust the amount of ingredients,with the number of people at home
Add 1 glass of water into it
Put some curry leaves into it
Add enough salt
Mix them well.Always be careful while adding salt to any dish
Cook these vegetables for 1 whistle in medium flame
After 1 whistle,switch off the flame and let the pressure settle down by itself
So let’s cook this for 1 whistle
Meanwhile,let’s grind the remaining ingredients
Take a small jar
Put 4 tbsp of grated coconut, 5-6 cashew nuts. Don’t want to soak the cashew nuts,you can put them directly into it.
Add 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder
Instead of chily powder I used to add green chillies in this dish.If you want you can add 1/4 tsp of chilli powder in it
This is not that spicy,so I’m adding 2 green chillies.If your green chilli is too spicy,add only 1
These can vary from person to person.
Now we need spices
The taste of the dish changes if you add more spices
Thus,adding only 1 whole cardamom, 2 cloves and a very small piece of cinnamon
Do not add a large piece which may change the flavor of the dish completely
The important ingredient which gives the flavor to this dish is the fennel seeds
So add 1/4 tsp of fennel seeds into it
If you don’t like that flavor,reduce the quantity
Add a small piece of ginger and one clove of garlic.Cut them into small pieces
3-4 curry leaves
Add 1/4 tsp of coriander powder.It would be perfect,so no need to add more
Finally add a small piece of onion like this
Cut them also into small pieces
Add a very little water just to get it grinded well
Do not add more water.Now grind the ingredients into a very fine paste
By then the vegetables also will be ready
The fine paste is ready here
When the vegetables are cooked well,add this paste into it
They are cooked well but they aren’t mashed up
Now add the coconut paste into the vegetables
Take out the paste completely from the jar by mixing with some water
Now we have to add enough water into it.
Since we have added cashew nuts,onion and coconut in this,the gravy becomes thick when it cools down
Thus add enough Hot water into it
Cook this gravy for some time in order to get the vegetables blend well with the coconut mix
As I always says,cook the dish for atleast 10 minutes in medium flame
Let me check the salt now.
Adjust the salt if required
I haven’t added any oil in this curry
Also I don’t prefer to do the seasoning procedure in this dish
If you want,you can season it with some curry leaves and mustard seeds in refined oil
I’m preparing this as an oil free dish
Thus it becomes more healthy
You can also add some oil when you boil the vegetables,if you want
We can easily make this tasty kurma without adding oil in it
Its a very easy recipe.So I thought to share it with you all
You can easily make this easy and tasty dish in the morning and give it your kids
I’ve been getting requests for this saravana bhavan style veg kurma
Its not at all perfect but 95% of its taste I can assure you
I used to repeat this in my every video that do not use the spices in a large quantity
We won’t be able to eat a dish,if the level of the spices is high in it
Last week,on my way back to Dubai,I had food from the food court inside the Kochi Airport
I gave the order for idiyappam and vegetable stew because it was the time for breakfast
Vegetable stew,as you all know,its a very simple and light dish.That’s why I ordered it
But I wasn’t able to eat that food and unfortunately I was forced to stop eating it because of its spice level
The gravy was full of cloves,cardamom and cinnamon.
I couldn’t eat it and thus wasted the food
There might be so many other people like me,who have been forced to waste the food because of its over spice level
Some people think that,the dish would be perfect if you add more spices in it
It depends on the taste buds of each individual
Even though,minimum usage of garam masala gives you the authentic taste of the dish
This is my opinion only.Those who oppose this opinion,kindly excuse me
Let it become a thick gravy,not too thick or not too thin.But till it have a medium thickness
Cook till the raw smell of the coconut mix goes
So cook it in medium flame
I haven’t added tomato in this gravy.Instead of tomato ,I’ll add some curd into the gravy later
If you prefer tomato insteadof curd, add 1/2 of 1 tomato into the vegetables in the beginning and boil them together
If you don’t want to add tomato,add 2 tbsp of curd in the should not have that much sourness
Do not boil the gravy after adding curd
Let it boil for 10 minutes in medium flame
Those who haven’t tried my Kerala vegetable kurma recipe,please do watch and make a try
I got this recipe from my friend,Deepa nair
Thank you so much Deepa for this recipe.I love this very much
Its very easy recipe and we can make it very quickly.
No need of sauting.Just boil the vegetables,grind all other ingredients and mix in the vegetables and boil well.That’s it
We won’t get such an easy recipe like this.So thank you once again,Deepa
I’ve already posted this recipe in my blog,long back
I’ve got so many good responses from my followers,after they made a try with the help of my blog recipe
You also don’t forget to try this
You can have this with idiyappam, parotta,chapathi,poori etc
My son used to have this even with idly and dosa
So choice is yours
Its almost thick gravy now.It will become more thick when it cools down
Switch off the flame and add 2 tbsp of curd which has no lumps in it
Use a fork to beat the curd and remove all the lumps in it
It may float on the gravy as small balls if it has lumps in it
If the curd is too sour,add 1 tbsp.And if it is not that sour,add 2 tbsp of curd into it
Mix them properly
You are free to add tomato instead of curd.But remember to cook tomato along with other vegetables
Do not boil after adding curd.So this is enough
Finally add some finely chopped coriander leaves and mix well
I’m going to serve this with wheat parotta for my kids
Let me check the taste now
Let me add a little bit of salt again
So the saravana bhavan style veg kurma is ready here
Everyone should try this recipe and have it with your favorite combination
See you all with a new recipe,till then Thank you


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