Hotel Resturants VS Dhaba | ACM

Wow, yaar the ambiance is so great here! YES right
bonjour sir, bonjour ma’am, welcome to ghamandi restra myselfy Mr. dhoroo, please have a seat. Mr. Robert will be assisting you throughout
your meal sir hello sir, hello ma’am
so how can I assist you? water please !
sure maam, normal water? sparkling water? or mineral water? mineral water , Mr.Robert
Sure sir, so hot, cold or normal water sir? Sure sir, so hot, cold or normal water sir?cold water
sure sir sir with ice or without ice?
just go and get the water man. sure sir, in which type of glass? water man water! DHABA MUSIC~ Chotuu……Go get some water
here it is sir what is this?
water sir do you want something else or what? who drinks in daytime? dumb. mineral water? it is chargeable
money is not a big deal, i have it all. Here is the menu sir!
what is this shit? What is this mashed pocketooto? Thats a very special dish sir
Can you please elaborate this? sure maam. We boil selected potattoes which are then
mashed and spices are added for some extra flavour. These are then stuffed with fine wheat and
then fried in olive oil and we served this with the grinded leaves
speacially brought directly from the farms maam it is “samosa” with green chutney
Samosa it was ! chotu what do you have in menu? food? what happened to him? RAP RAP
sab me kuch khaas hai, saath me lassi ka ek glass hai
alia thali, katrina thali yahan par jo bhi thali… If this is the case, do one thing
Alia specil thali alia is very special to you these days
actually films of her are really doing good Very hungry and still food is not here
chotuuu sir here is your order
what is this? Alia special thali sir
why are you Sweating so much? Did you make the dish? No but this salad is done by me…
explain this shit This is paneer, this is daal and this is speacial
roti sir yaar what kind of place is this? should not
you have think twice before taking me here sorry yaar sorry Here is the bill sir Thank you Robert
What is this now? WHAT the fuck is this? explain. sure sir, VAT chatrges, GST charges, Amenity
charges, couple charges, inhaling air charges, walking here charges and that sums up your
bill sir. So how would you like to pay sir? Do one thing take our kidneys. I am not giving. Sir we have other mode of payment as well
Mother’s jwellery, property papers, Iphone X/XI Car keys, And all infinity stones. Tell me one thing. How can I give my father’s property to you?
Sir in that case we have more arrangements Take out your phone, just text this bill to
your father He will see this and die out of heart attack
so then property is all yours. Take this wallet, armani shirt, zara pants,
car keys, take my watch too. jaaz this was for you, but now bring your
hand idiot! this is also yours, omg he is blushing
Sir that sums up your bill and my tip? You took my ring what else do you want? Chotu bill?
Your total is…. 150/-


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