Hotel Quick Takes: E2 – UK Supply & Demand

So the UK hotel industry as a whole has certainly
been the development hotspot for Europe.
There are plenty of new projects coming into
the market, plenty of new hotel openings as
So supply is going up, but the positive thing
about the UK that despite that new supply,
we’re still selling more rooms year on year,
and demand growth, so the number of rooms
that we sell, is outpacing the amount of new
rooms coming into the market, the supply.
So that is leading to increased occupancy
levels across the country as a whole.
I think coupled with that, and something that’s
very important as well is despite all the
new supply coming in, hoteliers have continued
to push their average rates, so they’ve continued
to charge more for their rooms, ultimately
generate more rooms revenue as well, which
therefore continues to make the UK a really
attractive market for development and investment
within the hotel sector.

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