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Today, I will share how to make Nachos Chips
It’s very easy to make,
Though we think, it is not easy to make.
However, watch this recipe,
You will find it easy
and will love this
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Let us start making the dough for this
First, take Makki Atta
Now mix the wheat flour,
Oregano gives this very nice flavor
Turmeric Powder,
Red Chili powder
As per your Taste
Avoid Red chili powder if you don’t like spicy
let’s start kneading dough
Now add water.
You need to add water slowly-slowly
You need to
take care that
dough shouldn’t be so hard or so soft
So add water slowly – slowly
and check the consistency of dough
You can see this dough is not so hard and
not so soft
Now wait for 10-15min to set the dough
Then we will make Nachos
WAIT FOR 10-15 Mins
After 15 Mins
Let’s check the dough now.
Now we can again knead the dough
Make the small balls of it
Now grease chakla (roller) with oil
Take the first ball
Roll it with roller just like chapatti
in circle shape
See it should be thin
Now cut it with pizza cutter or knife
Do pricking using fork
we are pricking to avoid puffing up
Start heating oil to fry it
Oil is hot now we check it
We need to avoid extra heating of oil
turn the flame to low
Now put the nacho into oil one-by-one
for deep fry
you need to be extra careful while doing it
now see I have dropped all the Nachos into
It will take approximately 5 mins to deep
We need keep the flame low
otherwise it will not be crispy enough
Fry it 3 mins on low flame
Then fry it on high flame for next 2 mins
Now our Nachos become light golden brown in
avoid to make them dark golden brown
we need to keep it light golden brown color
I am adding more nachos in oil to fry
Our Nachos are ready
you can enjoy it with Mayonnaise
For home made mayonnaise
you can watch my another video
Though, we already added spices
while making dough
still if you want it to more spicy,
so I’m making one masala
which we can sprinkle over nachos chips
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp red chili powder
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp chaat masala
mix it properly
now sprinkle it with hand over nachos chips
Now crispy, tasty Nachos Chips are ready to


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