Highrolling bellagio on the roulette live bet of $1550,- bet! BIG WIN Las Vegas

We’re going to make a nice video.
Yeah make a nice video.
What are we going to bet Henk?
$1000,- on red…
This is a bet for Johan.
$1000,- on red.
What did we hit before?
We just had red.
I’m missing $20,-
Johan we’re in the Bellagio,
Its oure first evening. I managed it we could film
We’re going to place youre bet in the Bellagio in Las Vegas.
It’s sunday evening, or maybe its saterday evening.
Oh its tuesday evening.
It doesn’t matter.
We’re now in the Bellagio, we’re also sleeping here. It’s very beautifull here.
We’re very excited!
*Drinks are brought by the waitress*
Does anyone has dollars left for a tip?
No all the dollars are on the table.
Oh wow i have never had a $1000,- chip in my hand before.
Never had this one before. Johan this one is going on red.
We want to see the 17 or the 20.
But red is also good. Its like an insurance.
Johan special for you!
Is it going to happen?!
Whoeoeoe 21!!

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